Buddies Wooden Bump Box: Fills 34 Cones [109mm & 84mm Sizes]

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  • Buddies Wooden Bump Box
  • Fills 34 cones simultaneously
  • Sizes: 109mm and 78mm
  • Method: Spray and pack
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Buddies Wooden Bump Box: Fills 34 Cones [109mm & 84mm Sizes]


Fills 34 Cones Simultaneously!

Available Sizes:

  • 109 mm
  • 84 mm

This Buddies Bump Box Cone Filling Machine allows you to roll 34 cones at once.

It’s great for saving time and is ideal for businesses and individuals needing to roll a larger amount of cones.


Authentic: This amazing rolling bump box is made by the gurus of wood devices: Buddies. Buddies are revered in the wood craftsman market due to their efficient and functional inventions.

Functional: If you love smoking and you value your you will cherish this effective and efficient bump box. Simply load up 34 cones and pack away in the simplest method: Spray and pack. Life made easier thanks to Buddies.

Durable: Due to the building makeup of this artisan bump box you can expect the lifespan to outlive even your sturdiest bong. Assembled with quality timber and parts ensures that you will see and feel the luxurious quality.

Simple: After you have loaded up your pre-rolled cones into the designated slot all you have to do is spray and pack. What does this mean? It means that you can simply upload your content into the box and it will fall into its place.


Buddies Wooden Bump Box: Fills 34 Cones [1-1/4, King, & 98 Special Sizes]

The Buddies Wooden Bump Box: Fills 34 Cones [109mm & 84mm Sizes] is a sensational customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.

Inventory Last Updated: Jan 27, 2022

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