The Classic Power Hitter | Puff Smoking Device/Accessory

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  • The PowerHitter
  • Puff Smoking Device
  • Updated Classic Design
  • Modern Materials
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The Classic Power Hitter | Puff Smoking Device/Accessory


How does it work?

  • You simply insert a lit smoke into the special holder in the cap.
  • Screw it on and find the air hole.
  • Cover it with your finger and just "Grip It and Rip It!" It shoots out a steady heady long white straw of smoke that you inhale inches away from your mouth making it one of the seemingly safest ways to share a smoke.

No more wet passes! No more cooties! We’ve taken this classic design and updated it with modern materials to create the next generation of the ultimate smoking device. Be one of the first in 40 years to own a new one!

  • Since the PowerHitter is virtually unbreakable, you can literally toss it across the room – giving new meaning to ‘Puff, puff pass!’
  • Concerned about germs? The PowerHitter blasts a steady stream of smoke directly into your mouth (or nose) with no contact on the mouthpiece required, making it is seemingly one of the most sanitary ways you can smoke a pre-roll.
  • Avoid burning holes in your bed, clothes, and your skin. Since the PowerHitter is a totally self-contained unit, you won’t have to worry about ashes or hot embers ever again.
  • Stop wasting your material. Since the PowerHitter bottle captures 100% of the smoke, there’s zero waste – which means the only smoke you’re putting in the environment is coming from your lungs.
  • Plus, you can smoke every millimeter of a pre-roll without worrying about roach clips or burning your fingers.

    The Classic Power Hitter | Puff Smoking Device/Accessory

    On the fence about this The Classic Power Hitter | Puff Smoking Device/Accessory? Don't be. Let our satisfaction guarantee address your concerns.

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