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A gravity bong is a unique and effective smoking device to consume cannabis. It is quite popular among smokers due to its huge hits and amazing design. You can craft it from different household items within 10 to 15 minutes.

In this guide, we will guide you on how to craft this incredible smoking device, the pros and cons, and more. Let’s get started…

What Are Gravity Bongs?

A gravity bong is a wonderful smoking device that utilizes gravity to push smoke directly into your lungs. It is one of the most potent ways to consume cannabis. The smoke of the gravity bong is heavily concentrated which is equal to the average hit from a joint or pipe.

A bottle is filled up with smoke when you light the weed. Then, you have to inhale the entire content in one go to empty the bottle. Due to this reason, this smoking device might not be a suitable option for newcomers. It can cause intense highs that might be beyond your tolerance level.

How Gravity Bongs are Manufactured?

Though the manufacturing process is straightforward, it can become a little bit intimidating if you don’t know its basic know-how. However, it is not a big deal to manufacture a gravity bong if you have all the necessary equipment.

You can easily construct your first gravity bong in less than 10 minutes with a little determination and ingenuity. Gather the items below to produce the smoking device by yourself:

  • A plastic bottle with 16-20 oz.
  • Sharp knife or a box cutter
  • Aluminum foil
  • Poking device
  • Take a 2-ltr plastic bottle or bucket
  • At least one gram of cannabis

Have you collected all the aforementioned items? If so, we can move ahead to the first step. Let’s begin…

Step 1: Cut the Bottles

First of all, take the small bottle and cut its bottom off using a box cutter. Try to cut its bottom off as below as possible for making a large smoke chamber. A larger smoker chamber means a bigger hit.

Now, take the 2-ltr bottle and remove its top. You can skip it if you are using a bucket instead of a bottle.

Step 2: Make a Bowl Using a Bottle

Poke a small pinkie finger-sized hole in the bottle cap of a small bottle. After creating a hole, make sure that it’s enough to draw air through. Then, wrap it in aluminum foil so that it should look like a small bowl or divot for your cannabis.

Remember you will have to screw the cap back on the bottle so you should create a small bowl on the top of the cap. It is better to make a divot deeper for holding the weed properly.

Now, you should create 3 to 5 holes in the aluminum foils for proper ventilation. Make sure that your poking tool is sharp. Otherwise, you can damage or rip the foil.

Note: Instead of making a bowl yourself, you can also go with a metal or glass bowl of any other smoking device. In such a case, you can skip this step.

Step 3: Prepare the Gravity Bong

Take the large bottle and fill it with water leaving it empty about 2-inch from the top. Plus, you should also load your bowl with weed.

Note: Don’t screw it on the bottle yet.

Step 4: Plunge the Small Water Bottle 

In this step, you should submerge your small bottle into a large bottle i.e. that is filled with water. Keep the small bottle 1 or 2” above the water surface.

Now, screw the divot onto the bottle carefully. Make sure that everything is going well.

Step 5: Fill the Chamber

The gravity bong is almost ready. Light the weed and start pulling the small bottle slowly and let it fill with smoke. Almost 2” of its lower part should stay submerged.

If the bottle isn’t filling up with smoke, it means that you have done something wrong. In such a situation, make sure that the cap is fully screwed and the bottle is free from any leakage. If you find any fault in the material, you should replace it. Otherwise, follow the aforementioned steps again carefully to create a stunning gravity bong.

Step 6: Your Gravity Bong is Ready!

If everything is going well, your bottle will be filled with smoke soon. Open the cap carefully and put your mouth over its opening. Now, all you need to do is push the bottle down gently. As a result, water will push the smoke into your lungs.

The filtered-cannabis smoke is not only cool but also delivers a great hit of THC. You will really enjoy these homemade gravity bongs.

How Often You Should Change the Foil in the Gravity Bong?

Foil can be reused multiple times in this smoking device until you rip it off. Plus, you can go with a new foil if its holes get clogged and don’t offer adequate ventilation.

Pros and Cons of Using a Gravity Bong

Below are some advantages and disadvantages of using a gravity bong:

Pros of Gravity Bong

  • The gravity bong uses water pressure to make a huge hit. It will be a great experience for those with high tolerance levels.
  • If you are intending for a quick and efficient high, a gravity bong is the best option for you. Because this device allows you to empty the bowl in a single rip.
  • Homemade gravity bongs are free from harmful chemicals.
  • You can enjoy fresh cannabis whenever you want using this amazing device.
  • You can save a good amount by crafting this device in your home.

Cons of Gravity Bong

  • Newcomers might tolerate the strong hits.
  • The huge amount of smoke can lead to coughing.
  • Reusing foil and plastic bottles, again and again, might be a cause of chemical inhalation.

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Wrapping Up

A gravity bong is a unique smoking device that is quite popular among heavy smokers. This device is made with two containers: one is larger and filled with water. And, another one is smaller that has small holes in the bottom and sits above the large container. A smaller container also contains a bowl on the top for packing weed.

The smoking device is less harsh on your lungs as compared to the pipe because you draw the smoke through water. It produces pretty high hits so you will enjoy it. If you are not used to them, you can start slowly and can go with big hits gradually.

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