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Glass dab rigs are some of the most advanced and comfortable smoking devices.

When you use a glass dab rig or glass water pipe/bong not only you get a smooth airflow sensation but the freshness that bubbling gives plus the highest-level filter for you to have the best smoking experience.

V-Station is an online smoke shop / online headshop focused on giving our customers the best smoking experience through a wide range of products for all needs. Dab rigs and glass water pipes/bongs are some of our best and premium products for the US.

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$199.90 $129.90
Height: 22cm=9"Joint Size: 14.5mm femaleThickness: 4mmColor: Green/PurpleNet Weight: 0.52kgPackage Weight: 1kg
$199.77 $159.90
Height: 22cm = 9"Joint: 14.5mm FemaleThickness: 4mmNet Weight: 0.34kgPackage Weight: 0.8kg 
$185.90 $149.90
Joint: 14.5mm FemaleJointHeight: 300mm=11.8"Color: BlueThickness: 4mmWeight: 0.7KG
$181.86 $175.90
Color: Clear / Blue / GreenHeight: 24cm=9 inchThickness: 4mmNet Weight: 0.4kg.
$195.90 From $149.90
 Option 1:1 x Glass Bong1 x Glass BowlOption 2: 1 x Glass Bong1 x Glass Bowl1 x Quartz Banger1 Ceramic Nail1 x Ceramic Carb Cap1 x Oil Box
$189.90 $155.90
Height: About 12.5"Weight: About 850g14mm bowl included
$220.52 $179.90
Size: 9.2" (about 23cm)Weight: 200g ApproxFeatures: 3 ways cycleBowl or quartz banger included
$139.90 $99.90
Deluxe StyleHeight: 23cm = 9"Joint Size: 14.5mm femaleThickness: about 4mmBaseDiameter: 7.8cmNet Weight: 280g
$169.90 $149.90
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