Dab Tools, Dabbers, Carving Tools, Wax Jars & Containers

Dab tools are some of the most advanced and comfortable accessories for smokers.

Dab tools and carving tools are also known as dabbers, are intuitive tools used to pick up any type of concentrate from its container and place it on a dab nail or portable device. Using dabbers is a much safer option than using homemade tools, your fingers, or any other manual way. 

Dab tools are used in conjunction with wax jars and silicone wax containers.

V-Station is an online smoke shop / online headshop focused on giving our customers the best smoking experience through a wide range of products for all needs. Dab tools are some of our best and premium products for the US.


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Dab Tools Kit1 x Wax carving tool2 x Silicone container jars (5ML)1 x Deluxe stainless steel box
$26.90 $18.90
8-In-1 Multifunctional Tool BagMultiple usagesComplete accessoriesEasy to clean
3 x small rectangle silicone mats3 x silicone wax containers3 x stainless steel carving tools1 x red dual silicone container holder
$46.90 $34.90
1 x large wax container Size: 5.3 x4.5 Inch, 500ml30 x wax jarsSize: 1.1 x0.9 Inch, 3ml
$68.90 $49.90
5 x Carving Tools1 x Silicone Container1 x Aluminum Box
$36.90 $24.90
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