What Are RAW Paper Rolling Cones Made Of?

When it comes to rolling papers, people mostly think about the RAW brand. For more than 25 years, the brand has been consistently developing and selling specifically rolling papers. Before achieving today’s success, the brand has been through many things including the special flavor of its famous rolling paper. To know more about how and what raw cones made of as well as the history of the making, here is a short explanation.

RAW Rolling Paper Brand

The brand was founded by Josh Kesselman who has been amazed by rolling paper since he was five years old watching the burnt paper trick performed by his father. Later when he was in high school, he started smoking and it is when he became more enthusiastic about rolling papers.

He opened his first headshop in Florida that imported special rolling papers from Europe in 1993. Three years later, his business was closed by law. So he moved to Arizona and started to run a distribution company namely Herbal Bar International (HBI). Before RAW cones were produced, the first ever product he sold was ELEMENTS ultra-thin rice papers with a slow-burning effect without additional flavor.

 Then he started to market flavored rolling papers which were Juicy Jay’s. The first released flavor was menthol and followed by watermelon. Then more and more flavors were produced like orange, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, green apples, peaches, cotton candy, java coffee, and more.

After the success of his flavored products, Josh was determined to innovate rolling papers that taste natural and raw without any bleaching or added flavor. Many laughed at his idea because the papers looked like paper bags. Little did they know it was the beginning of RAW rolling papers. The first mass production of RAW was in 2005, but its biggest hit took time six years later. In 2011 when Currency the rapper used RAW paper in his blunt, the popularity of RAW papers skyrocketed. The peak was a song about RAW rolling papers written and released by Wiz Khalifa in 2014. Since then the brand becomes well-known around the world and expands to various products. 

Products of RAW Rolling Paper

After winning many people’s hearts, RAW slowly becomes a brand for various products not only rolling papers. Taken from its official site, several products under the RAW brand include grinders, lighters, sweaters, shirts, ashtrays, mugs, and many other merchandises and accessories.

Meanwhile for the rolling paper products, RAW has two major types which are classic and organic. Both are sold in certain sizes like single wide papers, 1 ¼ papers, 1 ½ papers, King Size Slim Papers, and Supernatural Papers. Besides the size, the two types are also sold in the shape of pre-rolled cones.

So, people just need to fill the RAW cones with weed without shaping or sticking the papers. Cones come in more sizes and variations than others for example 2 foot cones, 98 special cones, 20 stages rawket launcher kit, Emperador cones, king-size cones, and others. Depending on their type, raw cones made of different materials.

RAW Rolling Paper Composition

As mentioned before the rolling papers are divided into organic and classic ones. Those types affect the main material in the making process. The organic raw cones made of hemp that is grown in an eco-friendly and ‘organic’ manner. Meanwhile, the classic raw cones made of unrefined and unbleached plant fibers.

In general, they are finished with pure and natural acacia gum to suit the burn rate of rolling papers. The gum comes from the tapped acacia trees which later produce acacia resin. The way is quite similar to the maple syrup-making process. Before application to the papers, the resin is surely filtered and pasteurized. The acacia resin is imported from a sustainably harvested plantation in Senegal and Ethiopia. 

Then, the criss-cross imprint is applied to each sheet to maintain a smooth burn and to prevent runs. There is totally no burn additives, dyes, chlorines, chalks, or galactomannan derivates. The composition is a hundred percent made of natural plants to keep the taste pure and RAW. The brand also guarantees that the papers contain zero animal-based products or genetically modified organisms. So it is safe for vegans to smoke with RAW cones.

The reasons people prefer RAW paper cones

After knowing how and what raw cones made of, you might wonder about the actual taste and why it is so popular among smokers. Based on their opinion, here are several reasons why.

  • Classic rolling papers can be rolled more smoothly than organic ones. Yet the organic one burns better than the classic one.
  • Some claim that the organic one tastes harsher than the classic one, but others find no difference. In fact, they are satisfied with no longer ingesting harsh chemicals when smoking.
  • Varied products come at varied prices. The prices are reasonable that can fit your budget. Many smokers even don’t have a certain preference towards the classic or organic. They just choose based on their familiarity and budget!
  • RAW gives definitely a clean and pure smoking experience. As there are dozens of sizes and types, it can fulfill your preferences.

How to smoke with RAW paper cones

Before going into the steps, you need to prepare the RAW pre-rolled cones, buds, a grinder, a lighter, and a packing tool. Then, here we go.

  • Grind the buds to your desired consistency. Grinding helps to snug the buds in the cones.
  • Fill in the ground buds into the RAW cones.
  • Pack the buds inside the cone using a packing tool like a straw to make a sturdy joint. Do not pack too tight and make enough space for the airflow.
  • Repeat the process until the cones are filled up enough (including the airflow space). Try not to put the whole ground buds in one go as it will be more difficult to reduce the buds once they are already inside. It’s better to do it pinch-by-pinch.
  • Secure the top by twisting it until resembling a candlewick.
  • Finally light it up and enjoy your smoke.

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What Are RAW Paper Rolling Cones Made Of?

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When it comes to rolling papers, people mostly think about the RAW brand. For more than 25 years, the brand has been consistently developing and se...