Redefining the Smoke: The Gravity Bong's Remarkable Evolution

Have you ever wondered about the evolution of gravity bong? Even though it's one of the most popular bongs today, not many people know gravity bong history.

The modern gravity bong is already a common and accepted norm. It's time to look back to the past and see the journey of this bong. Maybe you can learn some things and develop a new method for the bong and be part of the history. 

What is Gravity Bong

Let's start the story of gravity bong evolution with an understanding of what it is. For short, a gravity bong uses air pressure and the gravity principle to create a bowl full of concentrated smoke.

It requires two containers to create a vacuum that you later fill with smoke. As you pull the container away from the other, the more smoke you will get. How much you smoke in a hit depends on how far you pull the container away.

But of course, that's the old definition of the bong. Today's gravity bong is nothing like the old one. And you can see celebrities like Wiz Khalifa smoking with a gravity bong. Some people think a gravity bong is similar to a hookah. But while it uses a similar principle, they are very much different.

The Evolution of Gravity Bong

The modern gravity bong you see today is the result of decades of experiments to get the best smoke. Each manufacturer has a different style and design for their gravity bongs. But you should know that it started way much simpler than the current apparatus.

How it started

A gravity bong started with the idea of having a fun way to smoke at a party. Nobody knows who was the first person to create this bong, but as everybody knows, smokers are creative minds. Another thing that we don't know is when this model started. Some sources said it started in the 1990s, but it can be much easier. After all, parties have been going on for years.

The first model uses a large bucket, filled with water, and a large soda bottle. They cut the soda bottle into two and submerge part of the bottle into the bucket. The soda cap is converted or even swapped with a glass mouthpiece. Every time you pull the bottle out, the smoke will fill more space so you can smoke more.

But since it uses basic household items like buckets and bottles, the very first model is recorded in gravity bong history as the bucket bong. Even today, you can find some bucket bongs in the corner of some dorm rooms.

However, safety concerns are serious issues with the old gravity bong. Primarily since it used plastics to smoke. Both the bucket and soda bottle are from plastic. And it only adds fire hazard to the issue.  That is how we come to the next part of history.

How It's Going now

In the early 2000s, Gravitron created a system of gravity bongs. They build clear glass and a bottomless bottle for a safer and more efficient gravity bong. Still uses the same principle, but Gravitron has the bottle and glass in almost the same size. This creates a larger pressure in the vacuum area inside the bottle. The gravitron model is a clear modernization of the classic bucket model.

This style is also very classic and easy to carry around. But most importantly, it's much safer for anyone who smokes it. And they also can see the smoke, so they have better control when they smoke. An issue that didn't address in the old model. After all, most smokers created the bucket bong on the go. They use the available model. Gravitron changes all that. It's not an understatement to call their new model the game changer.

It's understandable how Gravitron, or Grav, is the most common model we all know today. And since it's a full-glass design, most smokers enjoy using it. No more plastic and metal aftertaste like in the old bucket bong.

The gravity bong evolution enters a new era with Stundenglass and its modern design. Their gravity bong is very much unlike the old-school bucket bong or Gravitron. Instead, they are like a capsule that you can rotate 360 degrees.

Their bongs come in various colors that pleasing to the eye. You still can personalize the bong to make it yours. Stundenglass also perfected the smoking method by making it contactless. It used a technology that perfects the air pressure principle in the old gravity bong. And what's more, they make collaborations and work with various celebrities to give exposure.

Maintenance Tips

Most people only know how to use the bong and not how to maintain it. Which is a pity since a good bong can last for many years. Even more so if it's made from glass.

With the gravity bong evolution, so is the method of maintenance. Back then, you can discard the soda bottle and create a new one. But today, if you have spent some money on a Grav, you wouldn't want to throw it all away.

Anyway, you can clean your gravity bong with some simple steps. The first thing you need to do is to remove all detachable parts. Pour 90% alcohol and some Epsom salt into the bong. Give it a little shake and rinse it with water and soap. Let it dry before you start using it again.

Using Epsom salt will clean the inner parts of the bong without scratching the glass. Keep in mind that the brand where you purchase the gravity bong also provides a cleaning kit. But if it's too expensive for you, then alcohol and salt are good enough.

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Now you know about the gravity bong's history. You can always create your own gravity bong if you want to use household items. But remember all the safety hazards it possesses. A grav at home is a perfect addition. Or if you have some extra cash, you can go for a Stundenglass.

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