How to Make a Gravity Bong Glass Bottle

Those who like to smoke cannabis must know that the gravity bong is a popular smoking device. Commonly, the handmade one is made of a plastic bottle. However, what do you think about making this smoking device out of a glass bottle?

You don’t need to question more because in this guide we will show you how to make it. So, without any further ado, here are the steps and tips to create your glass bottle bong. Let’s check it out.

Tools and Materials

Before you start to make your gravity bong, what you must do is prepare all the tools and materials needed first. The tools and materials are simple. You only need to look for a bottle, drill, and bowl.

  • Bottle

Try to find a bottle that is similar to the bong in the store, with a wide base and long neck bottle. One example is a wine bottle or booze bottle is the best. However, when you have another bottle with a similar type, it’s okay then.

  • Drill and Drill Bit

You may have a drill and drill bit in your house. For the drill bit, please prepare the ¾ inch in the diameter drill bit. However, for those who haven’t had this tool, you can use a sharp object which later you poke a hole use it. For example, you prepare a screwdriver and hammer.

  • Bong Bowl, Downstem, and Grommet

You can look for cheap downstem and bong bowls in the store. The 14mm smoking bowl is recommended here. Otherwise, you can use the old downstem and bong bowl if they are still intact and in a good condition.

For the grommet, you need a 31-32 inch outside diameter with ½ inch inner diameter and ¾ groove. You can choose to buy the grommet in the store or buy it online to get a cheaper one.

Steps to Make Gravity Bong Glass Bottle

After collecting all the tools and materials, it is time for you to follow the step-by-step instruction on how to make a gravity bong glass bottle. Please read all the steps below before you start.

  1. Cleaning the glass bottle

The first step you do is make sure that the glass bottle is clean to be used. Cleaning the bottle by washing using soap and warm water to make the drilling go easily. In this case, you must clean the inside of the bottle well so that there is no contamination in the smoke later.

Removing labels from the glass bottle is important too. By making the bottle squeaky clean, you will have a similar bong that is sold in the store then.

  1. Preparing the bottle for drilling

In this second step, you can mark the spot where you will make the hole on the bottle. This hole later will be inserted with the downstem. It is better to check the real bong and try to create a design that is similar to it. Usually, the hole is around in the bottom base but it will be high enough for the downstem can fit into.

  1. Preparing the drilling setup

In this step, for beginners, it is recommended to use a battery drill rather than a manual drill using a sharp tool. Then, the drilling setup itself will be done in the sink under the warm water stream. This technique will avoid breaking the bottle when you make a hole in it.

A steady water stream is important here. However, you need to make sure that you can still see the marked hole or where you will drill.

  1. Starting drilling

Start the drill with 75% of the maximum speed and 90 degrees of drill angle. Approach the drill to the marked spot and drill slowly to engrave the hole. Just go through the marked spot to avoid you break the whole glass bottle. Also, don’t forget to do it under the warm water stream.

  1. Smoothing process

How to smooth the hole in the bottle? You just need to use the drill to smooth out the hole edges. This process is important because it can help the downstem to fit in well. After you smooth it out, you rinse the glass bottle. Make sure that there are no leftover bits of glass to avoid any accidents.

  1. Inserting the grommet, downstem, and bong bowl

You take the rubber grommet and insert it into the hole in the bottle. Don’t push too hard because it will be hard to get out. After that, insert the bowl into the downstem. So, your gravity bong glass bottle is ready

  1. Decorating the bong

This is an optional step. You can skip it if you prefer your bong looks simpler. However, you can choose to decorate your bong as you want to. Feel free to use your creativity in decorating your bong.

FAQs for Making a Gravity Bong Glass Bottle

Let’s check the FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions relating to this guide in making glass bottle bongs.

  • Does someone need special skills to drill the glass bottle?

Since creating a bong cannot be separated from drilling, you have to know how to do it. To avoid any crack around the marked hole, you must drill the hole under a stream of warm water. Without doing this, your bottle will crack and break.

You can find some videos about tips and tricks for creating a hole in a glass bottle without making them break. You must learn how to do it first before deciding to make your glass bottle bong.  

  • Is it better to buy or make a bong?

When you want a cheaper bong, creating a bong is not a bad idea as long as you know well how to do it. It helps you to recycle the glass bottle you have at home. However, when you don’t have any time to create it, buying a bong in the store is not a bad decision though.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, after knowing how to make a gravity bong using a glass bottle, it is time to create your bong. It can be a fun activity in your leisure time. Make sure that you follow the instruction well to avoid any accidents or failure to make a bong.

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