Should You Buy An Electric Dab Rig or E-Rig?

Electric smoking accessories are often the solution for environmentally-friendly smoking, and an electric dab rig is no exception. An electric dab rig is different from conventional dab rigs in that they are more portable than the latter.

Unlike their conventional counterparts, dab rigs or bongs that are 100% from glass materials don’t usually exist for these types of rigs. Instead, their holders permit us to charge and recharge the tools whenever we’d like to. These concentrate rigs use battery powers and plug-in resources to heat up, which is unlike the usual smoking rigs that use flames from essential oils.

Ask yourself: Am I on the right track if I purchase an e-rig (or the abbreviation of electric dab rigs)? To help you answer the question, here are the things you should consider before purchasing an e-rig.

The purpose of using the E-Rig

Are you going to inhale the e-rig smoke yourself or with your other friends? Remember that these dab rigs rely on power resources to keep the smoke the ways they are. The more you re-use the rigs, the more battery power you consume. 

Inhaling e-rigs with friends is the surefire way to make your electricity bills more expensive. It can get worse when the parties are also using other electronic devices and appliances. At some points, the batteries can be broken. Those times are the times when the rigs can explode.

Considering your electricity bills’ tendency also belongs to the thing you can do to use electric dab rigs in economical ways. Battery specifications are the things that relate to the electricity bill consumption and the e-rigs. So, we will talk about batteries in the next section.

Battery specifications

Like any other electronic product, batteries are crucial things that should be present in a package of electronic dab rigs. Ideally, the electronic dab rig batteries have around 2,000-3,000 mAh capacity.

Such capacities are ideal to support the heating processes in smoking accessories. The aims are to create enormous smokes with as fragrant smells as the electronic dab rigs can produce.

In addition, the battery capacity that ranges between 2,000-3,000 mAh tends to match with some of the most economically-priced power banks. You can purchase e-rigs with 1,500 mAh battery capacities, but you need at least two 1,500 mAh power banks to charge the e-rigs when you’re not using them.

Battery lives are yet some other battery-related aspects that you should consider when purchasing e-rigs. As for the ages, most e-rig batteries' age range is around 25-30 sessions once you fully charge the battery. More economical e-rigs also exist, and these electric dab rigs can age around 15 sessions.

We can’t separate battery ages from the purposes of using the e-rig packages. We can opt for the longer-lived battery ages if we wish for electric dab rigs that everyone can smoke on at once. Meanwhile, the economical e-rigs are great for individual uses (or if we’re just starting to use the e-rigs).

Other supportive E-Rig features

You need to ensure you can use the electric rig for a long time, regardless of the purposes of using it. Your smoking experiences will be positively different when the e-rig package comes with other supportive features.

Paying attention to the power button is an integral step to consider before buying any electric dab rigs. The best e-rig power buttons are from LED sources. LED power buttons have colorful lights, yet are usually compatible with power savers.

Power savers are supportive features that can remind you of your battery usage. Sometimes, you can see the warnings from the LED power buttons’ changing colors. At some points, the e-rig packages belong to the smart electric dab rigs category where the power savers can “talk” with the users using human languages.

Some electric dab rig products also support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. These e-rigs typically come in more portable sizes, and the smoke coming from the heating processes depends on the Wi-Fi signals around the places. At some points, we can even pair the e-rigs with other smart smoking tools by connecting the devices with Bluetooth.

The aesthetic aspects of the electronic dab rigs

Earlier, we knew that electronic dab rigs are different from their conventional counterparts. We should let others know the differences also involved in the aesthetic aspects. That way, we convince people that we have better and more environmentally-friendly smoking experiences with our e-rigs.

The essential aesthetic look theme for the e-rigs will focus on their compactness. Their holders are almost like the tiny versions of power banks or Mi-Fi, which is unlike the traditional dab nail’s (almost) rounded forms. These holders frequently come with solid colors and smooth appearances.

The tubes in the electronic dab rigs don’t need to always take the form of hourglasses. Sometimes, they can take the forms of apples, pineapples, grapes, or similar fruits. The keys are to get to the smokers’ minds that their smoke outputs will smell like fruits, which are the most fragrant smoke smells.

Another considerable thing about these whole aesthetic aspects is that, the more aesthetic and colorful the e-rigs, the more likely they will give other people that “wow” look, regardless of whether they follow you to smoke or not.

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The prices (and some final words)

In general, when we wish to buy electric dab rigs, the price’s affordability shouldn’t be the only thing we consider. Some e-rigs are overpriced in that they have fewer features and/or battery lives than products with similar price ranges. Some others are underpriced and we doubt their authenticity.

At the same time, focusing too much on our purposes can often lead to narrowing down the e-rig choices to the most expensive ones. Even though our intentions are to smoke alone or learn to smoke using e-rigs, some of us can eventually fail in not including friends who may bring too many electronic appliances while we smoke.

As with other electronic appliances and devices, we should also be mindful of the maintenance prices: What if the electric dab rig batteries are broken, is it convenient to replace the USB plugs, how are the readiness of each of the spare parts, and so on, are the price-related things that we should be mindful of before making electric dab rig purchases.

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