Futurola Knockbox Filler Machine & RAW Thumper: Fill 50 & 100 Cones At Once

These Futurola Knockbox filler machine and RAW Thumper are here to make revolutions. It took the internet by storm as it became an industry-leading solution for filling pre-rolls and cones in various quantities. In just a glimpse of 1, 2 minutes, it can fill 50 and up to 100 cones at once. By using the density button, you can fill your cycles and optimize your product.

Futurola Knockbox filler machine and RAW Thumper make premium joints at a right and the perfect consistency. You can make the process efficient by choosing accessories that will increase the speed and make it more efficient. Users who have used it consider it a big revolution in the industry as they described it as the best manufacturing product they have bought. Also, it proved to have no maintenance issue even in the period of 2 to 3 years.

The industry that serves large shops have positive reviews as the Futurola Knock box filler machine have made their lives easier as it was all done manually before. So it looks like a game-changer, right! So let's see the working, and how does it fill up to 100 cones at once?

How it works:

Want to own a Futurola Knock box filler machine and don't know how it works. Let's look into it step by step to give you a proper understanding of how it will work:

  • With its packing in a chic and an exclusive wooden case, with great detailed woodwork, you will first push down the latches and then click the mix collector to the magnets. Now the next step is to connect the electro controller and open the small box, including your filler cones.
  • Now take out all the parts one by one and click the lower filling assembly to the magnets present on top of the machine.
  • Place the upper filling assembly on the top of the lower filling assembly to even it out.
  • Now move on toward the cone box, open the lock flaps on both sides at the bottom of the cone box, and gently lift the cover box up. 
  • The next step is to drop the paper cone in every single hole and slide the aluminium lock plate onto the mix tray. 
  • Now fill up the mix tray gently without any force. Then place the filled mix tray on the top of the upper filling assembly. 
  • Now it's time to choose your preferred density by pressing the density button. You can set it from a ratio of high to low. Press start for the first fill and then slide the aluminium lock plate. Also, don't forget to tap on the mix tray several times by using the aluminium lock plate.
  • Now your Futurola Knock box will tap your mix according to your preferred density. In the meantime, while your process is being done, you can start preparing for the second fill and fill the mix tray and place it on the top of the upper filling assembly and press the start button, followed by sliding out the aluminium lock plate. Tap several times again by using the aluminium lock plate.
  • Now it's time to take off the mix collector and click on the unload station to the machine's magnets. Take off the mix tray and upper filling assembly and carefully slide (never lift up) the lower filling assembly on top of the unloading station.
  • You should make sure that the lower filling assembly falls into its mould on the unload station and pull out the sliding plate in a rapid movement. Take the lower filling assembly off in an upward direction. 
  • Lastly, as your joints are ready, it's time for them to be taken out and closed. This whole process will take 60 to 90 sec and is efficient and fast.
  • You see how everything was done easily and quickly by using the Futurola Knock box filler machine.


Futurola Knockbox filler machine and RAW Thumper have taken the internet by storm. It has a wide variety of variations and so works in seconds it is the best option possible. The main reason is that it was all done manually before, but with this knock box filler machine, it can be done in seconds and more efficiently.

You can fill up to 100 Futurola Pre-Rolled Cones in 120 seconds. Also, it is compatible with 16 varieties of Futurola pre-rolled cones, and you can set your preferred density.

Futurola cone roller has sped up the production for industries that are selling to millions of customers daily. A process has started to smooth out more than ever. This product is specifically designed to help these processors and growers of huge industries to save their time. 

The material used to make the Futurola Knock box is plastic and packed in a wooden case, which gives it a more stylish look. It is very compatible, and its weight is also just a couple of pounds. Also, grinders play a major part in it too. It should be not too much powdery and not like the ones that have hung stems and flowers. If it is very finely powdered, it will lead to joints getting overfilled, and the experience for consumers would not be as great as it should be. While if it is too coarse, it will have an unpleasant smoking experience because of the uneven burn. So you can also use Futurola Shredder for this purpose. This all will make your knock box machine give out the best experience for customers as everything will be done perfectly. 

So, if you are looking for the best filler machine, then the these Futurola Knockbox filler machine or RAW Thumper are the best option for you. They are capable of filling 50 and up to 100 joints at a time. So all of these specifications will make this knock box machines the best under a pretty affordable budget.

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