Types and How to Use Weed Grinders/Herb Grinders

Weed grinders and herb grinders are efficient tools used in creating a smooth consistency of herbs for the best smoking experience. These devices are portable and you can carry them wherever you go.

However, you need to learn how to use weed grinders to get the best consistency needed for a smooth vapor and hit.

In this article we’ll be showing you the different types of weed grinders and a simple step-by-step procedure on how to use these devices.

Types of Weed grinders

Weed grinders come in different sizes, shapes, functionality, and price. You will need to consider your budget and you smoking needs to choose a style of grinder. If you’re looking for cost-efficiency and portability, the small two-chamber grinder is a great option. And if you are concerned about speed and power, it may be better you opt for the electric grinder.

To help you see the differences, here are the different types of grinder:

Two-piece, single chamber grinder   

This weed grinder, according to the name, has two pieces layered with sharp teeth that close together to grind your herb inside a single chamber. This grinder tends to stick to the sides of the chamber or get a mixed in with the ground bud. It does not have a catch chamber for kief.

In terms of price, this two-piece grinders are on the cheaper side because of their simplicity. Also, they tend to be made from different materials, including plastic, metal, and wood. While you can get the plastic and wooden options at a cheaper price, the metal grinders are more durable.

Four-piece. Three chambers

These weed grinders are the most popular among stoners. They come with added functionality and this makes them a bit pricier than the two-piece grinders.

These grinders come with 3 chambers: 1 for weed to grind, 1 for ground weed, and 1 for catching kief.

What makes this grinder worth more expenditure is the crystal catcher it comes with. On days when your stash runs out, the trove of kief can come in really handy. This grinder is made of metal for added durability.

Electric grinder

Electric grinders are efficient as they do all of the hard work for you. One challenge is the power requirement. You will always need a power outlet to use one except you have a battery-powered grinder.

However, it is important to note that electric grinders have a tendency to completely pulverize and crush your weed, during the grinding process. This is one reason why a lot of electric models are less popular among smokers.

Unless there is a need to grind a large amount of bud quickly, it is better off to use a manual grinder.

Card grinders

These grinders are built similarly to food graters, but they are pretty rare. They are easy to carry and store, but you have to deal with the mess they cause.

The card grinders are built with a single piece of metal having multiple small holes for grinding action. Also, they are cost-effective and very inexpensive.

How to Use weed grinders/herb grinders

You can follow these simple steps to properly use the four-piece and two-piece grinders:

Remove the lid

You need to first open the lid of the grinder to have access to the main chamber. Inset your buds and use your fingers to break the bigger nuts that do not fit well.

That said, you need to avoid placing anything in the middle of this chamber because that is where the grinder pivots.

If you’re using the metal grinders, they usually have a magnet that helps to keep the lid on tightly. Placing anything in the middle will hinder grinding.

Replace the lid and grind

After inserting the bud, return the lid back to position and press it down to keep it tight. You can twist it a bit, giving the lid about 10 to 15 clockwise rotations.

Grind the buds and tap the top and sides of the grinder a couple of times in the process of grinding to ensure everything is fully processed.

Unscrew and enjoy your bud

Once you finish grinding your buds, unscrew the lids of the grinder and be gentle in the process to avoid the ground herbs falling out. Load your joint or pipe with your ground weed and smoke.

Collect your kief crystals

After grinding cannabis, you will most times get enough kief for a full bowl. You can simply craft a kief scraper using a torn bit of paper or cardboard. However, there are specialized scraping tool which you can get if you want.

Final Remark

Weed grinders and herb grinders are amazing tools you should add to your smoking arsenal. You can opt for any the types but consider the functionalities and simplicity. However, the two-piece and four piece grinders are commonly among smokers.

If you really want to get a better cannabis experience, grinders are important to get to make the most out of your weed and reduce mess. Go grab a grinder today!

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