Why Use Herb or Weed Grinders?

If you’re new to using cannabis, you might be wondering why a lot of stoners have weed grinders as part of their arsenal. Well, herb grinders have become an essential piece of marijuana paraphernalia as they are efficient in giving you the best smoking experience.

A weed grinder is a device that is designed to break cannabis bud into fine, even bits. Cannabis are typically large and dense and they need to be properly grinded before being rolled. While you can break up buds with your hands, most people prefer using weed grinders due to the many benefits they provide.

It is no more news that the secret to a slow-burning joint that gives a smooth draw is a fine, uniform grind, and herb grinders make this possible.  

In this article, we are going to cover why you need a weed grinder, so hang tight and read through the article.

Why do you need to grind your weed?

Grinding your weed before smoking it makes it easier to use and more enjoyable to smoke. If you’ve ever used ground weed, you will notice that they are consistent and typically less harsh.

Unlike whole buds that has a coarse nature that affects the fluidity of the smoke, ground weed produces clean and even smoke.

More so, when you have grind your weed, you’ll be able to roll tight, getting smooth joints that smoke efficiently.

Again, grinding your herb before smoking limit its contact with your hands. This way, it prevents the damage of the precious cannabinoids and trichomes.

Instead of losing those trichomes, using a grinder helps you collect them for later enjoyment.

Benefits of using Weed Grinders

Now that you understand why you need to grind your weed, you may still wonder why you need to use a weed grinder. After all, many methods are available that doesn’t need you to fork out your hard-earned cash.

Well, let’s show you some reasons or benefits of the weed grinders over other methods:

Better Consistency

If you desire to ground your weed to an even consistency, the herb grinders have been a perfect option used by most stoners. Your weed need to be ground to a fine consistency to ensure an even extraction of the compounds within the plant.

More so, smoking joints or blunts using ground weed that is consistent gives an even burn throughout and that makes rolling easy.

Using methods like the “shot glass and scissors” may work for you during an emergency situation, but you will never get a fine consistency like when you use a weed grinder.

Thick, potent vapor

You need to properly grind your weed if you use a vaporizer. This device works by either heating the surface beneath a product or the air around it.

When you grind your weed, you allow more surface area to this heat, and this supports better extraction of the compounds locked in the buds.

If you don’t have a good consistency and you load weed buds into your vaporizer, you won’t get a think, consistent vapor as the heat wouldn’t reach the core of the bud.

Besides, you may even crank up the temperature of your device and risk combusting your weed. This can cause you to inhale smoke instead of vapor.

Better portability

Weed grinders are portable and are suitable for carrying cannabis around. Most metal grinders are built with magnetic casings that store buds away safely, even while you’re on the move.

Also, you’d be surprised by how much cannabis your weed grinder can hold at once.

Final Remark

Every weed lover should have a weed grinder to get the best smoking experience. Of course, you always want to get the best hit and flavor from every session. And that’s only possible when you grind your buds to a fine and smooth consistency.

Using herb grinders not only help you get better consistency, but also supports potent flavor and increase the surface are of the herbs in your bowl for a cleaner, more potent burn.

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