Useful Tips for Cigarette or Paper Rolling Machines

Although there are different kinds of cigarette roller machines, there are some useful tips that applies to all, including the manual and electric machines. All these machines have cigarette tubes that holds the injected tobacco. And the purpose is to get a nicely packed cigarette for a pleasurable smoking experience.

However, every paper rolling machine have some little differences in designs even though they operate in the same manner. Despite the differences, you can easily master how to use these machines to roll your own cigarettes. They are simple to use, and in no time, you will become a pro, rolling the perfect cigarette to your preference.

Some common problems you might face when starting to use cigarette roller machines include:

  • Cigarette is packed too lose or too tight
  • There is an empty space in front of the filter
  • Cigarette tube is tearing or ripping during injection
  • The cigarette tube keeps being pushed off during the injection process

Useful tips to avoid problems while using cigarette roller machines

You need to ensure that you fill your tobacco into the corners of the tobacco chamber. This prevents the “empty space” problem. Put enough tobacco in the corner where you attach the cigarette tube and fill it to the tip of the machine.

Also, ensure your tobacco is evenly distributed. You can use your hands to spread it out or lightly pack it down with your fingers.

After injecting the cigarette tube with tobacco, check around the filter to see if there is a gap. If so, fill your chamber with more tobacco until you have eliminated the gap to get the desired density for your cigarette. With time, you will get to know exactly how much tobacco to put into the tube and chamber.

If you notice that the cigarette is packed too tight, you can add a little less tobacco and ensure it is distributed evenly inside the chamber. Keep removing just a little tobacco at a time until you achieve your preferred density for your cigarette.

On the other hand, if you have a cigarette that is packed too loose, continue adding tobacco a little at a time until it gets to preferred density.

However, be sure to use a tool or your finger to lightly pack your tobacco down into the chamber before you inject it into the tube. In no time, you’ll get a feel for how much tobacco to use.

Note that if your cigarette is tearing or ripping during the injection process, you either don’t have your tobacco evenly distributed or you’re adding too much of it. So try to add less tobacco at a time and evenly distribute it across the chamber before you pack it down lightly. Continue the process until you get your desired cigarette density.

If your cigarette tube is pushed off the machine or does not stay on during the injection process, it might be caused by tobacco and debris around the cigarette machine tip. This excess tobacco or debris in this area might lead to poor “grip by the machine on the end of the cigarette tube. Hence, ensure you clean the area around the cigarette tube.

Once the cigarette tube is in place, close the lid and press down on the end of the lid that is close to the cigarette tube while injecting the cigarette. This pressure helps to hold the cigarette tube tip in place during the process of injection.

Final Remark

Cigarette roller machine are simple, efficient and user-friendly. However, you need to be careful in operation to avoid common problems like cigarette tube tearing, empty space in front of the filter, and the cigarette tube being pushed off. You need to follow the tips highlighted above to ensure you get the best out of your paper rolling machine.

Keep in mind that with time, you will get used to how this process works and how much tobacco to use. Once you find your groove, you will be rolling your cigarette very quickly and enjoying the best amount of dosage. Go roll like a pro!.

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