How to Properly Clean Your Electric Dab Nail or E-nail Dab

If you desire to maintain a top-notch dabbing experience, you need to learn to always keep your dab nail clean all the time. The interesting thing is that the process of cleaning an electric dab nail to make it squeaky clean is quite simple.

Without much ado, check out the following procedure:

Torch your dab nail

The first thing you need to do to clean your e-nail dab is to use a torch to heat it red hot. This is important to liquefy and vaporize any sticky residue to make it easy to access the tight spaces near the dome with a q-tip. Using the q-tip helps to make sure every dirt or residue is thoroughly swabbed away.

Here’s a note for you if you use the quartz dab nails: Do not torch your quartz at a very high temperature, even when you clean off excess residue. Torching them at super high temperatures can cause devitrification - a change in the crystal’s atomic structure and this makes the dab nail to lose its glassy shine.

For every quartz dab nail, it is better to use a butane torch and keep the temperature below 1,832OF. When you don’t exceed this temperature, you can be sure of keeping your quartz nails in good condition.

Heat and dip

Heat your dab nail to your usual dabbing temperature and submerge it in water that’s about room temperature. This helps to clear any form of oxidation issues or any pesky white residue on your nail. However, you need to be careful here not to burn yourself!

Use alcohol to remove stubborn residue

Some stubborn residues might remain on your electric dab nail. You can use ISO, or rubbing alcohol to remove these residues that won’t give up. It is important, however, to make sure all of the alcohol is burned off, or else, you might ingest harmful fumes on your next dabbing session.

After soaking your electric dab nail in rubbing alcohol for 5-10 minutes, you need to re-season it before going for another dabbing session. You can do this by heating your quartz nail with tiny amounts of concentrate inside them to burn off residues.

NOTE: For titanium e-nails, it is not advisable to use alcohol or other solvents on the head of the dab nail as titanium is a porous material. The simplest way to clean titanium dab nail when residues starts to accumulate is to use butane torch alone.

Gently scrape off the residue while the nail is still hot, letting it pile up in the dish of the nail head. You can then apply one brisk blow of air on the nail head using either a blast from your torch or your mouth. This helps to blow away the black residues – be careful, so these residues don’t land in your oil.

How frequent should I clean my electric dab nail?

It’s all a matter of preference. If you’re the type that shares your dab rigs with your friends, then you should clean your e-nail dabs after each use. That’s simply because most people love to use a clean nail.

However, some dabbers believe that when you leave the residue on the dab nail, it help to create a great flavor over time. So they never get to clean their e-nail for a long time. Well, that’s up to you to decide!

Final Remark

You don’t have to waste your delicious terps on a dirty nail. The process of cleaning them, whether quartz or titanium, is simple. You need to clean your dab nail not only to get the best smoking experience, but also to make your e-nail dab last longer.

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