Importance Of Cleaning Your Vape Pen Battery

We all get our hands on a lot of things during the day, making it easy for us to pick up germs. But the bad part is that we tend to bring that dirt and germs to our vaporizer. Strangely, our vape pen batteries are exposed to the environment, and if you don’t clean properly, your device can turn into a home for bacteria growth. This can harm your health and negatively affect your smoking experience.

So to avoid threats and diseases, it is important to keep your device and battery clean always. Apart from the health benefit, cleaning your batteries help to improve its capability to function well.

Don’t be among those who neglect their vape pen batteries when cleaning their devices. Some people only check when they decide to charge it, but that’s bad. You should note that when you clean and disinfect your device daily, you’re not only reducing germs but also boosting its full potential.


What are the effects of not cleaning your vape pen batteries?

Your vape device has a point that connects with your battery, and that particular connection point influences how your device functions. Your device gets energy through this point, and use the power and heat produced to turn e-juice into a vapor with flavor.

But once the connection point becomes dirty, power will not run through your device properly. That’s more reason why you need to clean and sanitize your battery regularly.

Besides, vape devices are prone to issues like a leaking tank, and you can experience this leakage when you forget to clean your vape pen batteries. More so, as the vape liquid builds up around the connection area, it causes a low transfer of power. 

Also, note that accidents that caused damage to your vaporizer can affect the connection point and lead to its malfunction.


Best Way to Clean Your Vape Pen Batteries

Cleaning the MOD batteries

MODs produce more vapor than other e-cigarettes, and you need to clean them properly as they require more energy from their batteries.

These batteries usually have a larger surface area, so you need to ensure you touch all the entire area when cleaning. You can easily clean using alcohol and Q-tips.

However, ensure you don’t touch the LED screens while cleaning.  And apply minimum force to keep germs from your hands off your device. Also, keep your USB charging port working.


Cleaning Vape Pen Batteries

The procedure for cleaning vape pen batteries is quite similar to that of MOD batteries. But you have to always keep the connection ports clean. So instead of using the Q-tips, you can simply make use of wet wipes to clean the batteries.

You can clean the air posts and air holes using a toothpick to gain better coverage. And remember that the buildup of e-juice depends largely on the amount of airflow that the vape pen produces. That’s more reason you need to clean your device properly.


Final Remark

Before cleaning your vape pen batteries, ensure you clean your hands, and repeat the process when you’re done. Maintaining good hygiene will reduce the number of bacteria that could colonize your device and reduce its performance. You can visit to get the best products of the 501 thread batteries.

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