Proper Way To Charge 510 Thread Batteries

A lot of people ask “how do I charge my 510 thread battery to maintain its life span?” Well, it is important to understand the proper way to charge vape pen batteries, especially the 510 thread batteries, to reduce the risk of damage.

Check out the tips below to help you extend the life of your 510 thread battery. We’ll also show you some common mistakes to avoid when dealing with thread batteries.


Use the Right Charger

You will be making a big mistake when you use the rapid charger of a smartphone to charge your 510 thread battery. This could damage the battery and fry the processor itself. So don’t even try to cut corners, especially when you feel like vaping without much delay.

The best way to charge the thread batteries is to use only the charger that comes with the vape battery. The regular USB charger works best instead of the rapid chargers. And ensure you use a standard USB port, wall-based adapter or car charger.

Don’t be tempted to use your smartphone charger, especially when you’re out and maybe you left the USB charger meant for your vape device at home. That is wasteful, as your device is at risk of damage.

More so, try to confirm if the voltage of the battery matches with that for the charger before use. That said, it is also important to choose the right vape cartridge. These cartridges often come in four, and the original is made from polycarbonate or plastic.  But the older cartridges work best for batteries that are low voltage.

Sometimes, vape batteries come with either a high voltage charger or amperage. If you’re not sure about replacing the charger, you can contact anyone who has a good understanding about these batteries to help you make the best choice.


Proper Way to Charge your 510 Thread Battery

You need to follow the right instructions for charging if you want to minimize the chances of damaging the thread batteries. Many videos are online, some of which are good, and others not so good. Unfortunately, a lot of people among the vaping community get the process wrong.

You need to avoid screwing button-less batteries on the charger initially. The connection plate can be pushed down as you try to attach the battery tighter than it needs to be. This can result in a poor cartridge connection.

Also, avoid a tablet or fast chargers. A smarter way to charge your 510 thread batteries is to either use a laptop charger or a common block charger (five volts).


  • Plug the USB charger first
  • A green light (or another color depending on the device) should come on.
  • Screw on the battery
  • Observe a change in the light color (usually to red) at this point, indicating that the connection has been successfully established.
  • Maintain the connection

Final Remark

Don’t try to risk the life span of your device. Ensure you use only the charger that comes with the vape battery you purchase and follow the right instructions for charging.

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