How to Find the Best Online Head Shop or Online Smoke Shop

Following the legalization of hemp products across many countries, there has been a rapid growth in the industry. There are now many online headshops on the internet selling different smoking devices like dab rigs, glass bongs, pipes, grinders, vaporizers, rolling papers and other accessories.

If you’re not careful with choosing an online smoke shop, you might end up purchasing low-quality products and this can lead to poor satisfaction and risk to health.

Hence, there are some factors you need to keep in mind when finding the best online headshop or smoke shop. We’ve made it simple for you by compiling the most important factors. Check them out below:

The quality of the products

Many online headshops offer low quality gear and that’s a major reason why you need to be careful when purchasing through online head shops.

You need to check the quality of products when searching for the best online head shop to purchase from.  Consider the legitimacy of the products and be sure you’re getting the best quality water pipes and stoner gifts for a pleasant smoking experience.

Keep in mind that if a product of a certain brand is ridiculously cheaper than elsewhere, it could be a sign that the head shop is not genuine.

Consider brand verifications

There are many knock off and counterfeit products flooding the market today, and head shops are no exception. You need to be careful and verify brands on head shop to be sure of their products. This is important as there are usually replicated products that do not adhere to safety standards and protocol.

Remember, these smoking products are something that’s going into your body system. Hence, choose smoke shops with verified product brands.

You can read the customer reviews section to check if the site is worth shopping from.

Also, some head shops describe imported products to be domestic crafted products. You need to be careful here as some foreign products do not have the highest quality. Besides, some of them can be hard to return.

Return and Breakage policy

Consider head shops that offer a return and breakage policy for products that are broken, unwanted, or wrong. The best smoke shops replace any product that is damaged or broken as long as you’ve not used them.

The best online smoke shop will often advise you to take a photo of the product in the packaging box to show proof of damage. And it is advisable that you make a claim within the first 10 days of receiving the products.

Some online head shops handle the cost of shipping the faulty products back to them and also provide free shipment of the replaced product.

So always be on the lookout for head shops that offer a great return and breakage policy. Apart from return policies, good smoke shops should have warranties for their products, especially the electronic devices.  More so, smoking products like glass bongs and dab rigs should come with a proper care list.

If you cannot find policies, warranties, and shipping charges clearly state out on the site, it is a clear indication that they are trying to hide something and ensnare you. There could be no return policies and warranties, and they could be charging for shipping and handling.

Consider shipment times

Many headshops will keep you waiting after placing your order, and this can be a pain as you’re not even sure of your delivery date.

So it is important to consider the shipping times of an online smoke shop. The best stores keep their delivery within a week from the day you place your order.

Customer service

You need to check if an online head shop offers quality customer service. This is important because you should be able to reach the site if there are any complaint about the product you just purchased.

More so, an online smoke shop should be able to help you find the best solution to a problem instead of leaving you hanging after completing your purchase.

Final Remark

There you have it – the factors you should keep in mind to find the best online head shop or smoke shop. These factors would help you screen out many fake and untrusted sites and help you get the best store for your smoking needs. Don’t settle for less

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