5 Common Problems With Your Vaping Battery – And How To Troubleshoot Them

Vaping is an enjoyable and fun activity that no one ever wishes to encounter any problems with their e-cigarettes, but the truth is that problems are inevitable.

Due to a wide range of factors, vaping problems can range from simple to complex, but there is always a way to solve these problems without breaking a sweat.

When you run into a vaping problem, this list will make sure you get your vape back in shape and never have to stop enjoying your favorite puff sessions.


I’m getting spitting or gurgling sounds when I vape

To troubleshoot and solve this problem;

  • Flick your e-cigarette towards the floor or into a container to remove any deposit of excess juice in the coil.
  • Ensure that the tank is free and not too overfilled or tightened to the battery.
  • Soak and dry tank by running it under warm water to clear out deposits of excess juice. Clean and dry thoroughly before putting your device back together.

You should have your gurgling sound gone by now, and if it persists, you may be inhaling too hard for your type of tank. Getting a tank that supports direct-to-lung vaping might do the magic.


I’m not getting any drag from my vaping device:

To troubleshoot and solve this problem;

  • Check and ensure that you have e-liquid in your tank
  • Check the battery for enough charge and ensure it is on.
  • Check if there is a perfect connection between your coil and vape pen battery.

If this doesn’t fix the problem, replacing your coil might be the best possible option because cotton can get wound too tightly around the coil, which means no airflow to give you the drag you want.


My Vape Pen Battery Isn’t Working:

To troubleshoot and solve this problem;

  • Check if you have pressed the power. Pay attention to how your vape pen is built, so you don’t put it off unknowingly while trying to power it.
  • Check if the battery is too low and needs to be charged. Only use the correct charger for your battery. If it’s a charging problem, your device will notify you that a connection has been made, and charging is in progress.
  • Glance through the battery safety page in your manual to be sure that you have not compromised your battery in any way.

If none of that worked, your battery might need to be replaced.


My mod’s OLED screen says there’s no atomizer

To troubleshoot and solve this problem;

  • The most common reason for this message is a crooked tank. Rotate your device and check if your tank is in good condition.
  • Adjust your 510 thread vape pen battery to suit your mod if that is what runs your device.
  • You may want to check if your coil is loose or has e-juice clogging the connection at the base.
  • Ensure that your tank is not too tight on the mod.
  • Check for dirt in your terminals to ensure the atomizer is making perfect contact with the mod.
  • Check if your coil needs replacing.


My Vape Pen screen is blank and won’t turn on:

To troubleshoot and solve this problem;

  • Suppose your vape mod has the option to allow you to vape in “stealth mode” without lightening up the screen. Press the fire button three times to enter the menu and turn stealth mode off.
  • Check your vape mod if a firmware update is available.
  • If you notice that your mod is broken, you may contact your store for a fix if the mod is still within warranty.

There are possibilities of coming across a different problem with your vape pen other than the ones discussed here. But, these are the most common problems you are likely to encounter. So, whenever any of these pops up, you should be able to get your device fixed in the comfort of your home without spending a penny.

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