Best Ways To Keep Your Vape Pen Battery In Optimal Working Condition

If getting quality vapor from your vape pen battery all the time is something that interests you, then your vape pen needs quality care in return too.

Whether you are a beginner, an expert user, or thinking about purchasing one for the first time, learning how to care for your vape pen will become useful in the long run.

Vape pens are portable and not too difficult to keep in an optimal working condition. You will enjoy exceptionally clean and smooth hits for a long time if you follow these simple to do tips as best as you can.

There are several ways to care for your vape pen and keep it ready to take you through space and time, but we will look at the best and easy ways to get going.


Clean Your Vape Pen Regularly

Ensuring your vape pen is kept clean is always the most crucial task you can do regularly to guarantee a great tasting hit. If your vape pen is missing the cleaning manual, then follow these simple cleaning steps.

For vape pens with a detachable tank;

  • Firstly, take out the coil, detach the tank from the coil and empty it of any residue.
  • In cases where stubborn residues are left, fit the tank back on and power your pen for not more than three minutes to melt the stubborn residue.
  • Without wetting the charging port, vaping pen battery, and buttons, clean the parts with warm water.
  • Lastly, wipe the water completely off the components using a humid microfiber towel. Air dry and put the tank together.

Cleaning a one-piece vape pen can be a little challenging. A Q-tip soaked in distilled water can be used to safely wipe the inside of the tank.


Care for your vape pen batteries

Vape pen batteries are an important piece of your e-cigarette as it is responsible for powering the heating coil in the oil cartridge. The best way to keep your 510 vape thread batteries is away from cold and excessive heat.

Explosions are possible in poorly made pens by combusting when overheated or tampered with in any way. Therefore, it is best not to use your vape pen batteries if you think they have been compromised in any way. 


Avoid Keeping Battery Voltage Too High

With everyday advancement in vape pen technology, some vape pens can come with the option to adjust how much voltage is sent through the atomizer. Although sending more voltage through your atomizer will give you fuller vapor with each drag, but increasing the power is not worth it.

This can lead to overheating of your vape pen batteries, and can cause your vape juice to burn slowly inside the cartridge when you are not taking a hit. Wasting your e-juice this way is quite shameful.

In conclusion, here are a quick rule of thumb that can also help keep your vape pen in a perfect working condition;

  • Store your vape pen upright to minimize leakage.
  • Keep vape pen out of direct sunlight and away from moisture
  • Avoid keeping your pen in hot cars

Keep the base of your vape pen batteries clean at all times

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