How Long Do Vape Pen Batteries Last?

Vape pen batteries are a revolutionary device that lets users smoke several herbs and other concentrates without papers.

A mouthpiece, a heating element (atomizer), a cartridge where oil is stored, and the vape pen battery makes up an e-cigarette.

Essentially, 510 vape thread batteries are built to supply the appropriate amount of power to vaporize the cartridge’s oil.

Vape pens use rechargeable batteries, and no battery, rechargeable or not, is built to last forever. Therefore, the need to have a general idea of how long vape pen batteries can last.

Understanding the different types of vape pen batteries and how long they can last will help you know when they become less efficient and if they need to be replaced ASAP!

Although it might be difficult to say exactly how many hours or puff sessions vaping pen batteries can last. Still, there are rules of thumb that can serve as a useful guide in that regard.

The longevity of 510 thread batteries depend on quite a series of factors, and this article will cover the most important ones as detailed as possible. The focus of this article will be on 510 vape thread batteries since they are the most used vape pen batteries in the market.


Voltage and mAh

 As with any battery, vape pen batteries come in different mAh- which stands for milli-ampere-hour, and it is often written in different units that can be found on your battery’s body.

This unit tells the duration of every battery, and how long they are naturally expected to last can depend on this.

510 vape thread batteries traditionally range from 400mAh to 1100mAh, but finding devices with far more power today is possible.

Depending on your vape pen batteries’ voltage, it is estimated that you can get from 400 to 1000 puffs per session, with larger voltage batteries giving you the highest puff time.

Even in other gadgets like mobile phones, it is normal for a 4000mAh battery to last several hours than a 2000mAh or 3000mAh battery under the same condition. The same rule applies to your 510 vape thread batteries and every other vape pen batteries.


Other Factors to Consider

Having discussed the most important determinant, “voltage and mAh,” there are other factors to consider in getting estimates on how long 510 vape thread batteries can last.

A heavy user and a light user won’t get the same usage time with vaping pen batteries of the same voltage. With more use, the heavy vaper will burn out more battery than the light smoker. Thus, the two users have different battery life experiences even though they use the same vape pen batteries.

Maintenance is another interesting factor to look out for, this often gets overlooked, and it plays a key role in how long your 510 vape thread batteries can last.

Vape pens have three common types of batteries. The high capacity and lower power battery, the lower capacity and high power battery, and the ones with balanced power and capacity. Understanding the category your 510 vape thread batteries fall under can help you learn to maintain them properly to get a better lasting vape pen battery time.

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