How To Store Vape Pen Batteries Properly

Storing your vape pen batteries the right way is crucial to enjoying long-lasting battery life. Or isn’t a long-lasting vaping pen with longer puff sessions what every e-cigarette user craves? Regardless of your battery type, storing them properly will do them a lot of good than you can imagine.

In this article, we will look at how to store your vape pen batteries properly to keep them in optimal condition but not only that. We will also take a sneak into some of the common mistakes beginners or inexperienced Vapers make.

Perhaps you can avoid them and enjoy a better lasting battery in the long run.


Store under the right temperature

Big and reputable brands like LG, Samsung, Panasonic, and others have suggested that vaping pen batteries should be stored at different temperatures for different occasions.

  • If your expected storage time is less than a year, it is advisable to store your 510 vape thread batteries – 20° – 25°C.
  • If your expected storage time is less than three months, then you should store your vaping pen batteries at – 20° – 45°C.
  • And lastly, you should store your vaping pen batteries at – 20° – 60°C for 90% capacity recovery.

The bottom line is, under no circumstances should your vape pen batteries be stored at over 60°C. Higher storage temperature will lead to the rapid degrading of your vaping pen batteries. Your 510 vape thread batteries should also be stored in an environment with low humidity (or dry) and should be clear from corrosive gases and dust.


Safety Measures to Look Out for While Storing Your Batteries

  • Never put your vape pen batteries close to static electric charges. Try as much as possible to keep them away at all times.
  • Avoid fast pressure changes at all costs.
  • Take out your 510 vape thread batteries from your e-cigarette before storage.
  • Screws, hairpins, coins, keys, or necklaces should never be kept close to your vape pen batteries during storage.
  • A fireproof container would create an even much better environmental condition for your vape pen batteries.
  • Don’t store them under heavy luggage as this can interfere with the battery cells, thereby leading to a poorly working battery when put in use.
  • If your vaping pen batteries have a fixed internal battery, they should be fully charged before storage. For removable batteries, the same is applicable.

With vape pen batteries, one cannot be too careful. Storing them inappropriately can cause them to explode or even get too weak that they can’t supply the required charge that your atomizer needs to heat your e-juice.

Following these simple storage tips can do more than help you get your vaping pen batteries in the best possible condition whenever you need them again. You will also be saving a lot of money on purchasing replacement batteries. We hope these tips will help you get the best experiences with 510 vape thread batteries in the long run.

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