What You Need To Expect When Vaping For The Very First Time

A few years ago, anyone would argue about the advent of electronic cigarettes. Vaping was neither a common word among smokers as well. But today, the vaping world has developed massively beyond what anyone would have thought possible as more people are beginning to prefer them over the traditional smoking in papers.

Interestingly, the vape market has exceeded 12 billion dollars in the U.S alone! That’s huge!

This rapid popularity of e-smoking can be fairly intimidating for beginners who would love to have a share of their first puff. So, if this is your first time vaping, relax, and enjoy this carefully curated list of what you need to expect if you are vaping for the very first time.


Brim and Fuller Buzz

This is quite one of the most obvious things to look out for while vaping for the first time. Unlike the traditional tobaccos, the amount of smoke you can get from vaping can be tweaked to your taste. Expert e-smokers burn liquid such as “e-juice” to produce huge clouds of vapor.

This is due to more concentration of nicotine in the “e-juice” or “vape juice” than what is in the regular tobacco.

Most vape juice brands anywhere online or in local stores will state the nicotine concentration in their product.

Therefore, as a beginner, you should go for “e-juice” with a reduced nicotine concentration since you are likely to catch a bigger buzz than you are used to at first.


Noticeable Changes in the Lungs

The lung is the most affected body part as far as smoking is concerned. But, in contrast to traditional tobacco, vaping has a different effect.

When you start to vape, you may begin to notice a clearer and cleaner lung. Unlike traditional tobacco, vaping does not produce dirty and chemical-laden smoke that later turns to accumulated debris in your lungs.

Vaping has many revolutionary accessories too, like the water pipe bongs that help eliminate hot heat and filter the smoke of toxins, leaving you to taste the finest parts of your herbs and concentrates.

You will notice a better lung capacity and less hacking when you get up from bed in the morning.

This may, in turn, influence how much farther you can go in your subsequent smoking sessions, but importantly! Make sure you have a place to rest yourself if you start feeling lightheaded.


More Coughing

Anyone would have expected to come across this as the first thing to expect when vaping for the first time. But hey! This list is not to scare you away, remember? By now, you must have been so relaxed to face it.

The fact that vaping is much easier on the lungs doesn’t mean you won’t cough at first. It is your first try, don’t feel bad. Just let it out, and you are sure to get over it in a short while.

Vaping has a different effect and sensation than smoking cigarettes, and your choice of e-juice will play a part in this as well. With time, your lungs will naturally adjust, and your resistance to vapor will mellow down rapidly.


Ready to Start Vaping for the First Time?

With these helpful tips, you should have your mind made up already if vaping is what you would be happy to try, or you are just going to let it slide. But whatever you decide, vaping is not so expensive to try out. All you need is a vape, e-juice, and some 510 vape thread batteries or Vape pen batteries.

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