Tips To Help Avoid Vape Pen Batteries Explosion

It is no longer news that few users have had to experience vape pen batteries explosion. These explosions can be mild at times, mostly when it happens during a vaping session. Like other batteries, vape pen batteries can explode too due to some specific reasons. Although this rarely occurs but to stay safe and never have this happen to your 510 vape thread batteries, there are essential tips to keep in mind.


What Causes Vape Pen Batteries to Explode?

Generally, it has been quite challenging to say the exact causes of this incident, but more evidence shows that battery-related issues may lead to vape explosions.

Experts suggest that a damaged battery can start to undergo what is called a cycle of thermal runaway.

Thermal runaway is a cycle where some triggered reactions in the vape pen batteries cause their temperature to increase beyond normal.

The protective layer of the batteries begins to break down due to increased heat pressure inside the batteries.

With the continuous buildup of pressure in the batteries, the vape pen batteries can burst to release liquids and gases which can result in fire and extreme case of an explosion.

Therefore, in this article, we have compiled a well-detailed list of safety tips that may help you avoid a vape pen battery explosion.


Only Use Manufacturer Provided Charger

It would be best if you understood that chargers are built differently, and never should you use a mobile phone charger or any other charger different from the one that comes with your vape pen. Batteries come in different mAh (mili-ampere per hour), and this determines the amount of voltage that their chargers will supply.

If you suspect that your charger is compromised, only get a replacement from reputable stores because buying fake replacement can harm your vape pen batteries and can lead to an explosion.


Never Charge Your Vape Pen Batteries Overnight

In as much as this seems to be the most convenient way to recharge your pen and get it ready for the next day’s session, it poses more danger than its benefit. Charging your vape pen batteries overnight means you are exposing them to longer electric flow than necessary. This can tamper with the battery cells, and cause the battery to overheat and catch fire.

Overcharging your vape pen batteries is not even healthy at first, so why leave it overnight at all? You will be able to avoid vape 510 vape thread batteries explosion by supervising every charge, making sure that the batteries don’t get more power than they need.


Avoid Disabling the Built-in Safety Features

Firing button locks, vent holes, and protection against overcharging are important built-in features of your vape pen that you should avoid disabling at all cost.

The function of the vape pen vent hole is to release heat buildup from your vape pen or mod, so covering them is dangerous.


Replace Your Battery in Time

When you notice a decline in the functionality of your vape pen batteries, it is best to replace them to ensure safety. Do not manage compromised 510 vape thread batteries because when you do, it never gets better but worse. It can get so bad that the battery will no longer be able to cope with working under terrible conditions and may explode.

In conclusion, these curated tips to help you avoid 510 vape thread batteries explosions are simple and straightforward, and you can start applying them almost immediately if you have not been doing so. Caring properly for your vape pen batteries will reduce the likelihood of experiencing an explosion and can save you a lot of money on getting replacement batteries all the time. So, enjoy your vaping and remember to stay safe always.

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