5 Effective Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Vape Pen Batteries

In one way or the other, the influence of lasting vape pen batteries on your vaping experiences cannot be underestimated.

It is okay for your vape pen batteries to lose some juice while you vape. Still, a lot could be wrong when you start to notice that your battery is draining more than ever, and usage time is dropping drastically.

Of what good is a vape pen with 510 vape thread batteries that won’t even let you torch up your favorite vape juice before running out on you?

Although, your vape pen batteries could be damaged beyond being managed and might need you to replace them totally in some cases.

Here are a few effective tips and tricks that should help you get a longer-lasting vape pen batteries.


1. Use the right charger

This already looks familiar, right? Yes! From laptops to mobile phones, vape pens, and other electronic gadgets, using the right charger is the first trick to enjoying the best battery life.

Chargers are specially designed to fit specific modules. Therefore, selecting the appropriate one for your vape pen batteries is essential to charge right.

The charger supplied with your vape pen is often the best to deliver the right amount of power to your vape pen batteries. If broken, contact a reputable store for the perfect replacement.


2. Never Overcharge Them

Now that you are aware of the damage in charging your 510 vape thread batteries with the wrong charger. The next important tip is, “Do not overcharge them.”

It is quite weird to think your vape pen batteries can still store some extra juice even when the indicator clearly says battery full. Battery full means the battery can no longer take charge and should be unplugged from the charger.

Also, always try to resist the urge of having to leave your vape pen batteries to charge overnight. This is also very bad for your battery life and will damage it in no time.

The best charging tip is to unplug when your vape pen batteries reach 80-90%. This habit will help you overcome the urge to leave your batteries to charge longer than necessary.

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3. Turn off when not in use

No matter how lightheaded you get in any of your vaping sessions. Always make sure you put off your vape pen when not in use. One of the best ways to save a lot of battery life is to put your vape pen batteries off when not in use.

Would you put your T.V or coffee maker on when not in use? Many people believe that leaving their e-cigarette on won’t drain their vape pen batteries if not in use. But, the big truth is, it does.


4. Keep away from cold

Cold is not a friend to any vape thread batteries or 510 vape thread batteries. In fact, by all means, they should be kept at bay from cold, especially during winter, when the sky is blue, and the temperature becomes crisp.

If you have to use or take your vape pen outdoor during cold weather, always carry them in a cold-resistant pouch.


5. Store them fully charged

It is normal to have your vape pen sitting around the house for days or a couple of weeks without using them. Always check to have them fully charged before storing and leaving them without use.

Your vape pen batteries are built intelligently. Storing them uncharged can harm their internal structures, making them difficult to recharge when needed. You can maintain healthy battery habits by following religiously our five effective ways to extend the life of your 510 vape thread batteries and save yourself a lot of money on replacement batteries in the long run. Or keep spending tirelessly on new batteries. The choice is totally yours.

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