Common Electronic Cigarette Problems And How To Fix Them

Your electronic cigarette/e-cig or vape pen battery may develop some problems that can be quite hard for you to understand. So most times, you tend to turn to your vape stores or shops for solutions.

But the truth is that you can actually follow some measures to fix common electronic cigarette problems.

Check out these common electronic cigarette problems and simple ways to fix them:


Not getting enough of a nicotine hit

Sometimes your e-cigarette may deliver nicotine quite slowly than cigarettes. To fix this problem, you may need to get a higher level of nicotine in your e-liquid to produce the same effect as a cigarette.

So, try changing to an e-liquid with higher strength.  Note that strength is usually measured either in percentage or mg.

You may not get enough of a nicotine hit for the following reasons:


Weak battery

Your vape pen battery may start to run out of power in short time. There are different measures you can adopt to fix this.

Firstly, try to switch to a fully charged battery to check if it makes a difference. If it doesn’t, then you can try turning up the power (if you’re using a variable wattage device). But don’t overdo this to avoid burning the coil.

If you’re using a coil with a low resistance, you should check it because you will need more power. Try using a coil with higher resistance or get a more powerful battery.


Using the device incorrectly

You may make mistakes using vape devices if you are new to it. Using the device incorrectly may not produce the result you desire.

So note that while tobacco cigarette smokers may draw short drags directly into their longs, vapers tend to take a long draw into their mouth, and then into their lungs.

Hence, if you intend to get a better nicotine hit, it is better to take long, very gentle drags.

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Not getting enough vapor

If you don’t get enough vapor from your e-cigarette, you may need to check the following:


The air flow

If the airflow holes are blocked, it may prevent the flow of vapor. So you need to check the airflow controls and open them if there is need to do so.


The mouth piece

The mouth piece can become clogged with dirt and dust, especially if you love vaping outdoors all the time. However, you can clear the clogged mouthpiece by detaching it and blowing through it to remove the dirt and dust.

Besides, it is important to clean the mouthpiece from time to time to maintain a good vaping hygiene.


The PG/VG Ratio

The PG/PV ratio you’re using may not be appropriate for you. So, try using an e-liquid with more VG to boost vapor production.

Apart from these factors, you can increase the vapor output by using a more powerful device with a more powerful battery like the 510 thread battery.


Not getting enough of a throat hit

There are many reasons why you may not get enough of a throat hit, including:

Using the wrong device

Some device like tank and pod systems generally produce better throat hit than cigalikes.

However, some tanks have a massive airflow and when they are wide open, you may not get a decent throat hit.


Using the wrong e-liquid

All e-liquids with good vapor production produce a strong throat hit. But the exact throat hit/vapor production is based on the ratio of vegetable glycerine (VG) to propylene glycol (PG).

For example, you may see it on the label as VG: PG 50: 50, and this means you have 50% vegetable glycerine and 50% propylene glycol.

The PG content is responsible for the greater throat hit, while THE VG is controls the vapor production.

So when you have a throat hit that is too strong, you have need to get an e-liquid with more VG, and when the throat hit is too weak, it means you may need to get an e-liquid with more PG.

Other common electronic cigarette problems you may encounter include:

  • Battery not working : Check the connection and ensure it is turned on
  • Getting a burnt taste : Change the coil and ensure there is enough liquid in the tank
  • Leaking tank : check the o-rings or change the tank


Final Remark

You may encounter problems using electronic cigarettes but there is always a solution or option for you to get things back to normal. Remember, you may have to get a new device if you observe no significant difference or improvement after fixing the problem. Check out to see good brands and prices of the 510 Thread batteries. You also get a chance to enjoy free shipping on orders over €60.

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