Easy Vape Tricks That Make You Look Like A Pro

You might have seen how some smokers blow smoke rings with a cigarette. Well, you seem impressed right? So many movies and music videos have artistes showing off by blowing smoke rings. But the truth is that you can also be a Pro with the easy vape tricks that will be showing you in this article.

Besides, the thin smoke from smoking limits the number of tricks you can perform. But with vaping, you can thicker and fuller substance to blow some rings with.

The vapor from your vape pen batteries allows you to produce more highly defined and interesting vape tricks. That’s more reason you should quit smoking and get into vaping.

Here are some easy tricks for you:


The Tornado

You don’t need to go for any tornado hunting when you can simply create a similar experience that is way safer.

This is an easy vape trick that requires just your hands. You can manipulate a large vapor cloud with one hand and form a tornado with it through swirling.

You need a flat, sturdy surface for this trick, and that’s why you can’t do it in your car.

The first thing you need to do is to sit in front of a table, then take a solid drag, putting your mouth close to the table’s surface.

Exhale slowly to form a dense and contained cloud. Extend your hand towards the center of the cloud. Raise your arm quickly as if you’re reverse chopping the vapor. Then observe the twister shape take form.


The big Os

You can create rings of vapor with your exhale, and this way you’re moving your easy vape tricks to advanced ones.

With much practice, you’ll be able to blow strings of Os even after you alter their size and shape.

To from the big Os, first take a smart small inhale, and then rest your tongue at the base of your mouth. Push your tongue slightly to the back of your throat and curve your lips around your teeth to form an “O” shape.

Ensure you keep your lips taut and don’t push them out like a kiss. Pulsate the back of your throat like your lightly coughing just to push the vapor out.

At this point, you can control the shape of the ring by how small or large you round your mouth during exhalation.

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The Jellyfish

You can do the jellyfish technique in the midst of a crowd to thrill them. When you do it properly, you’ll be forming a jellyfish shape that looks like it’s moving underwater.

The first step in this technique is to blow a large, single O and push it gently using one hand. You can then take another drag and drop the exhale in the center of the ring. At this point, you just need to stand back and watch your exhale move through the O-shape like a jellyfish.


The Ghost hit

This is one of the easy tricks you can try whether indoors or outdoors. It entails giving out a cloud of vapor and quickly sucking it back in.

To do this trick, you need to first take a long pull of vapor and leave to remain in your mouth without inhaling. Allow the vapor sit in your mouth for some seconds, and then push it out slowly.

As the vapor leaves your mouth, suck it back in rapidly.

This skill is great for you as a beginner vaper.


The Dragon

At first, you may think this trick is complicated, but it is not in the real sense. You’ll get to love it and look like a vapor-breathing beast with a few practice rounds.

To do this trick, you need to blow vapor out of the corners of your mouth and your nostrils. You need to keep the center of your lips touching during exhalation to get the vapor to come through the sides of your mouth.

Start by taking a long pull without inhaling. Note that the longer you pull, the better. After getting all the vapor in your mouth, you can then push it through the corners of your mouth and through your nose at the same time.

However, you need some force here to push the vapor out quickly. And you’ll honestly look scary when you add a mean glare to this trick.


Final Remark

Looking at these easy tricks above, you have all the basics to build your skill set. However, ensure you get the best vape pen devices and vape pen batteries. The 510 batteries are still one of the best options you can opt for.

With continuous practice, you can decide to partake in vape competitions. But be sure to practice your vaping skills at the right time and in the right place. You can visit https://v-stationstore.com/ to get the best products of the 510 thread vape pen batteries.

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