What Wattage Is Ideal To Vape At?

One of the common questions a lot of beginner vapers ask is, “what wattage is ideal to vape at? Well, to answer the question in a simple way, we would say there is no particular wattage level suitable for all vapers.

The wattage you feel most at home with may be unsuitable for another vaper, so it; actually a matter of personal preference. Besides, your preferred wattage may depend on the setup of your device and your vape pen battery.


What is wattage?

You need to first understand what wattage is before determining the best choice for your vape session.

Wattage is a measure of the amount of power used by an electronic cigarette. When you adjust the wattage of your vape device, it means you are altering the temperature produced by the coil/vape pen battery as the juice is heated up.

The choice of adjusting your temperature settings gives you a chance to fine-tune your vape to your desired preference and taste.

Temperature generally has an effect on flavor, throat hit, and vapor, and these variables needs to be balanced to achieve or get a satisfying experience.

However, more watts usually depict more heat, even though there is no golden rule to this process. You often see that strong richer flavors such as coffee, tobacco, and chocolate tends to have a better taste the hotter they get.

But fruity flavors, such as peach and blueberry are bound to taste better with less heat exposure.

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How do I choose my Ideal wattage?

There are several factors that determines the wattage you vape at. Your choice may depend on how well you know your vape device, the kind of effect you’re expecting to create, and how comfortable you are with vaping altogether.

Most cig-a-like devices that are designed to mimic smoking have a pre-set at around 7-15 watts. You’ll notice that this wattage is quite on the lower side when you juxtapose that number against many of the devices on the market that has an average of 200W.

But many people do not know that even 10 watts is sufficient to give them a satisfying vape. Unfortunately, many vapers are having this wattage in their home without using it.

However, we can conclude that vaping starts to get more interesting between 40 and 50 watts. This means that at this level you start to feel the subtleties in your e-liquid flavor. More so, you begin to observe details like hit to the throat and denseness of vapor at this range.

That’s more reason why most vapers, including advanced users, tend to stick to the 50-75 watt level to meet their daily vaping needs. They only tend to bump it up when they want to try out something new.

There are lots of mid-range personal vaporizers that are built at this wattage level, but they still depend on your to control or tinker with the wattage settings or tinker with the temperature as you wish.


Further Useful Information to know your best wattage

If you’re a discerning vaper, the best devices to use are those with variable wattage. These devices give you the freedom to customize your vaping experience by adjusting them to your desired wattage depending on the e-juice you’re using.

So if you the type that loves to switch between flavors, you might need to make changes and adjustments in voltage to unlock the best flavor in each e-liquids that you use.

Also, you need to note that coil resistance varies from one vaping devices to the next, and most times they fall between 0.1 and 3.0 ohms.

Those device options that has a coil resistance below one ohms are referred to as sub-ohms. However, not all of these sub-ohm devices are equal. They all operate at different voltage, but with similar operating mechanics: high wattage is produced when you increase the resistance or voltage.

For the 2-ohm coil options, they have an ideal voltage that fall between the ballpark of 3.3 to 4.0 volts. This means higher ohm coils/ vape pen batteries produce higher voltage. More so, at cooler temperature, they also tend to produce less vapor.


Final Remark

Keeping all these factors that determine the best voltage in mind, the choice is yours to determine what’s most suitable for your palate. Ask and check if 3.0 volts at 1.8 ohms results in a sweeter berry flavor when compare to 2.1 ohms at 2.1 ohms.

You can experiment with different combinations to get the most suitable wattage for you. You can visit https://v-stationstore.com/ to get the best products of the 510 thread vape pen batteries.

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