Reasons To Avoid Overcharging Your Vape Pen Batteries

As the number of vapers continues to rise by the day, it is important for every vaper to keep good safety measures. The vape pen batteries are one important component that is used in vape starter kits, box mods, and a bunch of other vape mods. However, not everyone understands vape maintenance, and sometimes, some people tend to overcharge their vape pen batteries, which comes with many dangers.

The vape pen battery consists of lithium-ions that helps to store energy, and it has a set amount of electrical energy it can contain. But going past its holding capacity can compromise its performance and quality.

Reasons to avoid overcharging your vape pen batteries

Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t overcharge your vape pen batteries:

Break and Leaks

You can compare every lithium battery to a balloon. It starts charging when you plug a charger, but it has a max capacity, and the moment you allow additional air into a balloon, you know what happens- it becomes stressed. That’s what happens when you force additional charges into a fully charge vape pen battery.

Although most vape pen batteries or 510 thread batteries have built-in mechanisms to stop the flow of charge, sometimes, a bit of charge will leak to fill it just a tiny bit more.

This often puts stress on the battery, which causes it to slowly deteriorate and go do in its charge capacity.

Many lower grade chargers and batteries often allow additional charge into an already full battery.

Overcharging shortens battery life

Normally, every battery can recharge for so many cycles before their lifespan begin to drop. But overcharging batteries will fasten the drop in lifespan. It trickles constant energy charge and circulate it into the battery.

This constant charge results in the gradual loss of the holding capacity of the battery.

More so, a higher voltage charge has the ability to stretch the temporary capacity of the vape pen batteries, degrading their capacity sooner.

So, if you want to prolong the lifespan of your 510 thread batteries, you should avoid continuous charging. This way, you can maximize the charge cycles of your vape pen batteries.

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Overcharging leads to overheating

When you overcharge your batteries, the stress imposed can cause overheating more frequently. The excess charge in the battery will cause strains as there is discharge of extra energy with each pull on the vape.

The stress on batteries can cause tiny cracks on the outer casing. This is due to overheating and rapid cooling, which is a bad sign.

If you keep it up for a long time, the cracks would penetrate to the actual lithium-ion core, and this can produce a toxic effect.

That’s where those horror stories you hear about battery explosion comes from. When there’s too much strain from overcharging, it can cause batteries to explode.

Hence, to avoid stress/strain of your vape pen batteries, it is advisable to cut your li-ion batteries from charge once reaching peak.


How to avoid overcharging your vape pen batteries

Just like your mobile phone batteries, you shouldn’t keep your vape pen batteries on their charger for too long.

Since, your vape device uses a single battery, you need to carefully monitor it to ensure safety standards and avoid battery life depletion.

Although mechanical pods or e-cigarettes have an inbuilt mechanism to stop overcharging, many devices don’t have this function.

Some devices come with built in batteries and they limits to the power input to prevent excessive charging. But in some devices, you just need to always keep a check after connecting the charger.

One smart way to avoid overcharging is to check your specifications on your battery charger to ensure that they optimally charge your battery.

The high quality chargers will stop charging when it gets to a given point, and they will also notify you when a battery is fully charged.

Final Remark

You should take good care of your vape pen batteries if you really want to enjoy your vaping experience. Overcharging can cause great damage and even put your at health risk/

So, pay good attention to your charging habits. Be mindful of your battery’s temperature, charge an empty battery before storing it, and never leave your vape charging unattended. You can visit to get the best products of the 510 thread vape pen batteries.

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