What Causes Blinking In Vape Pens?

Have you ever observed your vape pen blinking in different colors and you wonder why? Sometimes, it might be stop working after the blinking.

Well, many top vape pens and mods today are built for users to read an indicator or an OLED screen to detect if there are any potential errors with the device.

Most of these warnings come in the form of blinking for a user to know that there’s an issue with the device.

The flash lights you see on your device are specifically designed to quickly catch your attention when there’s a problem and to make sure you attend to the problem in time.

Well, reading your owner’s manual is one of the easiest ways to discover what’s going on and get to make your vape return back to normal functioning again.


Common Reasons why your vape pen blinks

Blinking lights could suggest a number of problems, but it depends on the type of display that you have. However, the most common reasons why a vape pen blinks are outlined blow as well as some of the top solutions for fixing these problems:


The activation button is stuck

When your vape pen blinks, it could mean that the activation button that comes with the display has become stuck. When this button gets pushed in and cannot be depressed, you can try a number of techniques to fix the problem.

Besides, holding the activation button down for too long may cause the device to start blinking rapidly. This could be caused by dirt that gets lodged in the device and stay in there for too long.

The easy way out is to get a clot or cotton swab and the clean the area around the button. The moment the lights goes off, it means the issue has been resolved.

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Loose Battery Errors

When vape pen batteries are improperly or insufficiently connected, it could be trigger a flashing light quickly after you turn on the device. You need to attend to this issue immediately because your device will never be able to charge fully. More so, the indicator light will only come on when you fire it up or go to plug it in.

You can quickly rescue your battery back in along the threads and create a firm connection. Another option is to clean the contact tips with cotton swab. Sometimes, the connection can be disrupted by the buildup of e-juice along the contacts.

Also, you can clean out your tank to make sure that no dust or extra pocket lint makes its way into your device and disrupt the connection.


Activating safety features

Many vape devices are built with safety features that can include a blinking light display. So not all blinking indicates a problem, it could be for a good reason.

So sometimes, all you need to do is open up the manual troubleshooting guide and find out the problem so that you can turn off the safety features.


The components are incompatible

If you have components that are incompatible, it could cause a blinking display light on your vape pen. For example, if you install a replacement coil with too low a resistance level, your device would likely provide you with an alert.

So the simple way to fix this is to switch out the mismatch coil for an advanced part.

Note the following:

  • When your vape pen light blinks 3 times, it indicates a short circuit. This is common with most standard e-cig batteries that are built with short-circuit protection function.
  • When your vape pen light blinks 5 times, it indicates that the device have a low battery. Some devices, such as JUUL, will blink yellow or blue light 5 times to let you know that you need to repair it.
  • When your vape pen blinks 10 times, it indicates insufficient battery voltage and a need to be charged.


Final remark

Blinking lights are commonly a sign of a problem, but it could have protective functions sometimes. So check the solutions above or simply turn off some of the safety features to stop the blinking.

However, if the blinking persists for a long period, it is best stop using the vaporizer as soon as possible and check with the manufacturer. Check out https://v-stationstore.com/ to see good brands and prices of the 510 Thread batteries. You also get a chance to enjoy free shipping on orders over €60.

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