Bubblers Vs Bongs: Which One Is Better?

There are many ways to enjoy green weed. The most popular one is smoking, and even there are various accessories to make the high experience feel special. Some of them include pipes, papers, vaporizers, grinders, bubblers, and bongs. To use them generally, the weed is burnt, and people inhale the smoke.

Some say that the best smoke comes from water pipes since it gives a fresher sensation. Bubblers and bongs are the most known types of water pipes. Yet what is the difference? And which one is better? To get the answer, follow some discussions below. 


Just like its name, you will create bubbles when you use this device. It is what makes it different from glass pipes or bowls. Bubblers have water in their lowest part that generates bubbles when you light the weed. They have at least three parts that are the stem, a small chamber to hold the water, and a mouthpiece.

Moreover, they usually have carbs (garburator) to hold the weed. Most parts are fixed, so you cannot remove and clean the inside part. Some variations of bubblers are mini bubblers, sidecar bubblers, and hammer bubblers. The overall appearance of bubblers is either like mini bongs or ‘Sherlock’ style pipes. This product has also a wide range of sizes. The small one is good for traveling.


Looking almost similar to bubblers, bongs usually have a longer pipe that connects the mouthpiece to the water chamber usually called a chamber. It is the exciting part of a bong; you can add several ice cubes to the pipe to have a breeze. Furthermore, as bongs have a larger volume than bubblers, people could inhale a bigger volume of a hit for a big experience. This is usually done before people are taking a dab.

Apart from its popularity nowadays, bongs have been used for centuries in many parts of the world like China, Thailand, Laos, Russia, and some parts of Africa. The word ‘bong’ comes from Thai which means a cylindrical pipe made of bamboo. Though they might not use ice chunks back then, they used bongs to smoke any greens that they liked. Common people usually used wooden bongs, while the rich ones smoked using silver or ceramic bongs.

How to use them

As they have similar parts, the steps in smoking these two are also similar. The steps include:

  • Prepare and clean the parts. As already mentioned, each device has its parts. Resemble them to build one. You can wash and wipe the parts before using them. For fixed bongs/bubblers, you can skip this part, but make sure that your bongs/bubblers are clean.
  • Fill the down part chamber with water. Just pour a small part of it or between ½” to 1” above the downstream. Hence, the water will not leak out of the carb. For the types of water, you can choose warm, cold, or even room temperature; choose anything you like as some people have their preferences.
  • Most found in bongs, percolators also need water. So, fill it out. If you use bubblers or bongs without percolators, just skip this step.
  • Add ice to the chamber in bongs. Again, this is an optional step. You can skip if you don’t like or use bubblers.
  • Try to inhale the bongs/bubblers first. If water hits the lips, there is too much of it, and pour some out. If there is no bubble, it still lacks water and pours in more.
  • Clean the bowl and add in the greens moderately. Don’t make it tight by adding too much.
  • Lit the bowl. Using hemp wick is recommended as it is a healthy alternative to inhaling butane. Controlling the flame is a lot easier too.
  • Grab the bongs and place your lips on the mouthpiece. Then finally inhale it.
  • Exhale it and keep inhaling if there is some smoke left.

Smoking tips:

  • As bongs have a larger volume before really inhaling the smoke, you might inhale a large volume of oxygen. So you can inhale those amounts of oxygen first, then breathe out the oxygen right before the smoke is up the top.
  • Inhale too much air (oxygen and smoke) will cough the brain up.
  • The water in bubblers and bongs is not filtering the smoke. It just grabs the residue or the buds, but your mouth could still be full of tar just like smoking from a bowl or a dry pipe.

The similarities and the differences


Both devices are made of similar materials such as glass, ceramic, acrylic, plastic, brass, or silver. Though some research found that plastic has a dangerous substance to inhale. They use water as they belong to the water pipe type. There are several variations of bubblers and bongs in terms of size and shape.


All bubblers consist of fixed parts, while some bongs have joint parts. People could disperse the parts and clean, while they can’t with bubblers.  Bongs have a larger volume than bubblers. They can include ice, but bubblers cannot.

The pros and cons





• Easy to handle since it has a relatively small size.

• Good for the newbies. It causes less cough due to the small volume it holds.

•More durable. All parts are fixed so if one part is broken, you need to get a new bubbler.

• Smooth and light hit

• No loud noises.       

• Larger smoke. With a large volume, you can share the smoke with several others.

• Easy to clean. You can disperse the parts and clean them after use.

• More varieties to customize

• Can create various sensations. You can add ice or hot water.

• Stronger hit


• Easy to get dirty and hard to clean due to the fixed parts.

• Run out fast. The small volume creates only a small amount of smoke.

• Hard to personalize (again due to the fixed parts) 


• Prone to break. Especially when you don’t assemble it with the right way

• Causes more noises

• More costly as you need to change some parts often

• Difficult to hold and store

• Easy to be smelly. Regular cleaning is needed to avoid the stink.


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Though they may look alike, there are several differences between them. The differences have a certain purpose. There is better or worse between the two since all you need to find the one that serves your need best. So after knowing everything about bubblers and bongs, have you decided which one best suits you?

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