Electric Bongs VS Traditional Glass Bongs

Bongs have been there even when we were not. They have been a part of our history for ages. Nowadays, we can see a huge surge in these modern bongs like electric bongs, glass bongs, etc. it is because now there is a huge variety of them and many new features that eliminate the more unpleasant features of using them. Also, they are smaller and portable. This is why they are so popular and important than ever. So, now let's see which bongs are the best! Either it is the new electric bongs or the traditional glass bongs. 

Electric bongs:

Nowadays, people are more educated, and therefore they understand the harmful effects of smoking and how it affects the lungs. So, they are trying to find a suitable alternative to enjoy other dry herbs. The most common thing presently is vaping. However, to add a new thing to your list that is a more powerful and new addition for a pleasant experience, we present you with electric bongs or dab rigs.  

Electric bongs, also known as E-nails, are electronic dab rigs. Most of the time, their design is like a typical metal box and a coil port. Also, there is a PID that measures the current temperature of your coil and gears switch. The gauge can usually be adjusted separately for the coil to act as a safety precaution and prevent users from burning.

Electric bongs and traditional glass bongs have the main difference. Electric bongs remove torches, and in exchange, it gets replaced by a heat-generating coil that helps heat up the herbs to a specific temperature. It then allows the users to hit the perfect temperature without little to no effort at all. Electric bongs are safer to use than traditional glass bongs because they sometimes require titanium nails and also sometimes blow torch. While in electric bongs, you can also use water for the filtration process. It has been seen that electric bongs turned out to be much safer and reliable when compared with traditional bongs.

Electric bongs work as; first, you dab a small amount of wax or oil concentrates on producing vapour. It is because oil concentrates are thick, and therefore, they don't run off the nail. So it starts working when a small number of concentrates are applied to a heating element. So if you want to try, first heat the nail by using a torch and then apply the wax or oil concentrates once it gets heated up enough. Now you need to inhale using the mouthpiece and enjoy your bong.  

Traditional Glass Bongs:

Bong is like a pipe; only it has a water chamber through which marijuana smoke passes before inhaling. Almost any bong can be converted into a dab rig by adding a glass banger instead of an old vegetable dish. Glass Bongs are most commonly used to smoke marijuana, tobacco, or other drugs. 

Glass bongs, as the name suggests, use glass as a bong. These traditional glass bongs that are of high quality are made from heat resistant borosilicate glass. Also, it can be used even at high temperatures when it gets a lot hotter than usual, but it won't break. These glass bongs mostly use water to filter the smoke. This means that you can consider glass bongs as water bongs too. But if you don't use water in your glass bong, then it will become a dry bong. It is mostly not recommended as it leads to difficulties infiltration. Ultimately, glass bongs are beautiful and come in various sizes and shapes based on the choice of consumers. 

In order to use glass bongs, you need first to fill the bong with water. Some users like to have a little cooling effect, so they add ice to cool the smoke. This cooling effect reduces the discomfort caused by the heat of the smoke. Next, you need to light up the bowl and start to inhale the smoke. Then the smoke will make its way through the bong and will also get filtered by the water. Ultimately, this process will give you a soothing experience. 

Most of the time, the assembly of the container and the stem of most of the bongs are removed shortly after the marijuana burn. As it helps allow fresh air to circulate and clear the smoke chamber, ensuring that no smoke disappears unhealthily.

Scientific glass bongs, when made, get more importance on function rather than style. These glass bongs are scratch-resistant and thicker to resist heat than regular glass bongs. At the same time, artisan glass bongs focus more on style rather than function. They look pretty extravagant and comes in a lot of sizes and different types of shapes. But the drawback is there as it requires more attention and care. As it can create a safety risk in case of high-temperature provision. So proper care and protection are required for these glass bongs.  

Glass Bongs Are Still considered as the King of Water Bongs. Because when it comes to water bongs, glass is a more popular choice among consumers because they are more stylish and easier to clean. Also, the hit they give is more smooth and effective. 

Major Difference:

The difference between glass bongs and electric bongs is electric bongs now don't require a blowtorch. Because sometimes, the high temperature and the open flame can lead to a security and safety risk making it harder to consume in house settings. So now electric bongs are preferred as they are considered the best alternative, and you can enjoy the best dabbing effects without using a blowtorch inside your house. Also, electric bongs only require a button touch into the nail at various temperatures based on the consumer's liking

From the above discussion, you now know what type of bongs is best for you to use. It can be based on your choice and preference, so go ahead and enjoy the type of bong you like, either an electric bong or a traditional glass bong.

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