How to Inhale a Vape Properly

Vaping involves the inhalation of smoke-looking vapor from a vape device or an electronic cigarette. The vape-juice is what’s contained in the device and it is a flavored nicotine liquid. However, not all vapes contain nicotine. Most times, the user decides the amount of nicotine and the flavor they wish to use.

All vape devices with the same mechanism: The vape pen battery (vape mod) produce the power needed to heat element (coil), which in turns vaporize the e-juice in the atomizer. The user inhales the vapor produced through the mouthpiece.

The vape mod normally use lithium ion batteries and they come in different sizes and forms. While some have no adjustability, others can be adjustable in watts and even controlled in temperature.

However, vape pens require no experience and they work normally without adjustable power. Most users, especially the new vapers are advised to use built-in, non-renewable batteries that you can easily charge in the device from a USB port.

The vapor is usually contained in the vape atomizer- which is a chamber that houses the coil and an absorbent wick that is saturated with e-juice.

When the user takes a hit, the liquid gets heated up producing smoke-looking vapor.

Some atomizers hold more e-juice (mL) than others. Some are complex and suited for hobbyists, and others are designed for simplicity.

The four main categories include:

  • Refillable
  • Prefilled
  • Rebuildable
  • Refillable with replaceable coils

There are lots of variations of atomizers, but the major thing to always keep in mind is that they need to be compatible with the vape mod.

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How to vape

Always ensure you keep it simple with the device you buy as simple vapes are also efficient like advanced devices.

  • Get a basic vape starter kit
  • Get the basic vape juice for your kit type. You can choose a flavor that appeals to you most and the right nicotine level.

How to inhale a vape

How you inhale matters a lot when vaping. If you inhale incorrectly due to lack of experience, it may lead to an unpleasant rush of nicotine or coughing.

There are basically two types of inhalation techniques: direct-lung and mouth-to-lung draw.

The ideal technique you will use is largely dependent on the vape you want to use.

Direct lung (DL)

The direct lung hit is suitable for larger vapes with low resistant coils and low nicotine. You’ll often feel like you’re sucking air through a milkshake straw when you take a drag on one of these devices.

This type of draw often feel like taking a “bong hit” and it makes the most vapor.

  • Take a quick draw of vapor directly to your lungs
  • Exhale vapor almost immediately

If you find it hard to figure out the best draw for your vape, the nicotine content is usually the best measure for how to inhale it.

Basically, as a rule, low nicotine (0 mg – 6 mg) is best for direct lung inhales while high nicotine (12 mg – 60 mg is better suited for MTL. However, 6mg is the cut-off for DL inhales.

Mouth-to-lung (MTL)

Mouth-to-lung hits work best for smaller vapes using high resistance coils and high nicotine. No matter the size of the device you’re using, taking a drag from it should feel like sucking air through a coffee straw In other words, it should be very tight.

This kind of draw produce low vapor and makes you feel like you’re smoking – you get a similar type of hit to the throat that makes many smokers crave. The technique is simple:

  • Draw vapor slowly into your mouth and hold for a seconds
  • Hold the vapor in the closed mouth for a second or two
  • Open your mouth and breathe in the vapor to your lungs, but not like swallowing
  • Exhale after the vapor gets to your lungs

Cigar puff

Some users tend to puff on the vape like a cigar instead of inhaling to the lungs. The cigar puff can be used with low power devices (similar to MTL) or high power (similar to DL).

This technique is also a way to consume nicotine as it gets absorbed into the mucus membrane.

Final Remark

A lot of people actually experiment with different wattages and voltages, new liquids, different vapor holding time, or whether to exhale through their noses or mouths. Everyone has their approach on how to vape and whatever works for you is absolutely fine.

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