How to Properly Choose CBD & Hemp Gummies for Pain, Anxiety, And Stress

CBD (Cannabidiol) and hemp gummies are types of candy that can promote pain relief, sleep, and calm. These gummies are suggested to have a strong effect in reducing pain, anxiety and also stress.

CBD or Cannabidiol is typically found in the cannabis plant. Even though there is no actual research that approves its effect, some studies suggest that it could help to ease symptoms of conditions such as pain, anxiety, and stress.

CBD candy or commonly called CBD gummies have reached popularity over the last few years since they are a tasty and simple way to consume CBD. They typically come in various shapes, flavors, and also strengths to suit your needs. The type of CBD you take is actually depending on the reasons why you need it. If you’ve considered taking CBD and hemp gummies to ease stress and worries, you may find yourself overwhelmed or surprised.

What are they?

While CBD gummies for pain and hemp gummies are popular to treat some mental disorders, there are some differences between them.

CBD candy or gummies generally contain THC with less than 0.3% which is approved by FDA regulation. Different brands and products may contain different amounts of THC.

Meanwhile, hemp gummies are derived from hemp seed oil that contains fatty acids, trace minerals, and vitamins in the hemp plant.

In terms of composition, CBD and hemp gummies are very different. CBD gummies contain THC while hemp gummies do not. CBD gummies are considered pricier than hemp gummies since they also contain THC. On the contrary, hemp gummies do not even contain any CBD since they are extracted from hemp seed plants.

In fact, CBD and hemp gummies are coming from similar plants. However, the differences chemistry profiles may affect in different effects. So, here are the differences between them!

CBD gummies:

  • Can help with pain relief as well as provide other health benefits.
  • To extract the CBD it uses carbon dioxide during the manufacturing process.
  • Come from mature hemp plants, especially from its flowers.
  • CBD is the active ingredient that typically contains THC.

Hemp gummies:

  • Contain trace minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids.
  • Do not provide the same benefits as CBD gummies.
  • The extraction process uses cold press procedures.
  • Taken from hemp seed oil.
  • Contain neither THC nor CBD.

Who are CBD and hemp gummies best for?

Since CBD gummies are available in various forms, you may find eating these gummies tastier and even easier to take CBD rather than swallowing a capsule. For instance, they’re preferable while you are travelling. These gummies can promote sleep and relaxation while reducing pain and anxiety.

CBD gummies for stress are claimed to be an effective way to improve sleep and relieve inflammation, pain, depression, and anxiety. Hence, these products are suitable for those who experience those disorders. However, there is no scientific evidence that proves the effectiveness of these gummies.

On the other hand, hemp gummies are suitable for those who need more nutritional value, reduced inflammation, pain relief, and improved skin health.

Which is better?

If you are still unsure whether to use hemp gummies or CBD gummies, well, you’re not alone as it is a challenging choice. So, how to choose the best one?

Listing your priorities is the first thing you have to do. What is the main purpose of consuming it? What are the health benefits you can get? If you are looking for a tastier medication to ease pain, improve your sleep quality, and boost relaxation, then it is recommended to take CBD gummies.

Meanwhile, if you want to reduce anxiety and improve your sleep, you can choose hemp gummies. However, you must notice that hemp gummies do not contain any CBD or THC. So the choice is yours!

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Where to buy

When compared to a few years ago, buying CBD and hemp gummies is way easier. Nowadays, you can easily find these gummies in organic health stores

 or even online stores. However, buying CBD gummies are not as easy as buying ice cream since the product is not fully approved by FDA yet.

How to choose CBD and hemp gummies?

You have got a lot of choices when it comes to choose CBD gummies for anxiety and hemp gummies for pain, anxiety, and stress. First of all, look for a product that has been tested by a third party. A reputable manufacturer sends out its products to be accredited and tested. Then it will provide a certificate issued by COA (certificate of analysis) in its products.

When you are about to buy CBD gummies or hemp gummies to reduce anxiety, pain, or stress, there are some indicators that need to meet your criteria. Some important criteria you should follow include:

  • Is below the legal limits for moids, heavy metals, and pesticides, according to COA.
  • Do not contain more than 0.3% THC according to COA (certificate of analysis).
  • Is produced with United States-grown hemp.
  • Is produced by a reliable company that provides proof that the products meet ISO standards.
  • Overall ingredients
  • Manufacturing processes and company certification
  • Product potency
  • Brand reputation and user trust

However, before taking CBD or hemp gummies to reduce the pain, anxiety and stress you’ve experienced, talk with a cannabis clinician or professional healthcare first. CBD and hemp gummies may interact with certain supplements, vitamins, over-the-counter drugs, or prescription medications.

Research on CBD and hemp gummies along with its effects on pain, anxiety and stress is still ongoing. A larger scale of trials is required to determine effective doses for specific conditions. Nonetheless, CBD and hemp gummies potentially can treat anxiety disorders such as social anxiety disorders, generalized anxiety disorder, or PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

Once you have found some quality CBD and hemp gummies, a selection is actually coming down to your needs and personal preference. The most important thing overall is always reading the product label to familiar yourself with the product terminologies.
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