How Vaping Can Help People to Quit Tobacco Cigarettes

Vaping has been studied to help people quit tobacco cigarettes. It involves the use of e-cigarettes, which are handheld devices that allows you to inhale nicotine in a vapor rather than smoke.

Vaping devices come with vape pen batteries and they do not burn tobacco. This is why they do not expose users to toxins that cause smoking-related diseases in conventional cigarette users.

Smokers who switch to using e-cigarettes may adjust to staying smoke-free in the long run. And this lowers their risk of getting lung cancer and other diseases.

The interesting thing is that people who didn’t have any intention to stop smoking eventually had to quit when they found that vaping is more enjoyable.

Dr. Caitlin Notley, from the University Of East Anglia Norwich Medical School, once said “E-cigarettes are now the most popular smoking-cessation tool in the UK, and they are 95% less harmful than cigarettes.

How vaping helps to quit smoking

A team of researchers led by Dr. Caitley interviewed 40 vapers and asked questions regarding their smoking history, how they started vaping, their preferred flavor and strength, and whether they started vaping in an attempt to stop smoking.

The research, funded by Cancer Research UK, showed that vaping does not only substitute the psychological, physical, and cultural elements of smoking, but it supports long-term smoking abstinence and it is convenient and cheaper than smoking.

More so, the study group experienced better taste and smell, as well as better respiratory function.  

The most intriguing part is that the study found that vaping encouraged people who had no intention to stop smoking, to eventually quit. These were referred to as accidental quitters.

Dr. Notley said, “They never intended to quit smoking and had tried vaping because they were offered it by their friends. They eventually liked it and preferred it as a good substitute to smoking.”

However, some persons did relapse to smoking occasionally, and this was due to social and emotional reasons, but it did not lead to a full relapse.

You need to note that e-cigarettes contain nicotine, which can be addictive. But this chemical substance, which is also contained in tobacco is not responsible for the major harms of smoking. That is why they work as an aid to help people stop cease smoking tobacco.

Although there are many methods to quit tobacco cigarettes, vaping still remains the best option for any hardened smoker. 

The latest types of e-cigarettes use nicotine salts, also known as nic salts. These salts allow vapers to inhale high levels of nicotine more easily, and with less throat irritation. This is way different than the typical freebase nicotine used by most tobacco products, including older types of e-cigarettes.

Nic salts allow for better nicotine delivery than the previous types of e-cigarettes. And the good part is that it has the potential of helping people using these products to quit smoking.

Points to Remember

Vaping has helped a lot of people quit smoking, hence, you can use e-cigarettes to manage your nicotine craving.

However, to get the best out of e-cigarettes, make sure you’re taking as much as you need to and the right nicotine strength in your e-liquid.

One study found that people who combine vaping with expert face-to-face support were twice as likely to quit smoking as people who used nicotine replacement products, such as gum or patches.

That said, you should always remember that you might not get the full benefit of vaping unless you quit smoking cigarettes completely.

Older studies show that even if smokers successfully quit smoking using e-cigarettes, they still need to be monitored by health professionals to prevent future relapse.

However, the latest studies show that the high risk of relapse in those who quit smoking disappeared in those who used the newer e-cigarettes with nic salts and 510 thread batteries.

People who quit cigarettes as of 2013 and beyond were not more likely to relapse after switching to vaping. The newer generations of e-cigarettes using the 510 thread batteries deliver higher levels of nicotine to the bloodstream, and this makes them more satisfying compared with older models.

Prior to the technical improvements made around 2013, it was very difficult to use e-cigarette devices because it was only effective for the ardent would-be quitters.

So you would be making a mistake if you use ancient data to understand how vaping can help people quit tobacco cigarettes.

Final Remark

Vaping is a proven method to help people quit smoking. It is found to be twice as effective at helping smokers quit cigarettes as traditional nicotine-replacement therapies, such as gums and patches.

The new types of e-cigarettes are built with technological advancements to deliver more nicotine into the bloodstream, hence, helping smokers quit cigarettes without any fear of relapse. Besides, vaping reduces your risk of health problems, such as cancer, heart disease, and many others.
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