Great alternatives to the futurola knockbox machines

When the Futurola Knockbox machine came, it took the industry to a new revolution. Futurola took the internet by storm as it became an industry-leading solution for filling pre-rolls and cones in various quantities. In just a glimpse of 1, 2 minutes, it can fill 50 and up to 100 cones at once. By using the density button, you can fill your cycles and optimize your product. Futurola Knock box filler machine makes premium joints at a right and the perfect consistency. You can make the process efficient by choosing accessories that will increase the speed and make it more efficient. Users who have used it consider it a big revolution in the industry as they described it as the best manufacturing product they have bought. Also, it proved to have no maintenance issue even in the period of 2 to 3 years. The industry that serves large shops has positive reviews as the Futurola Knock box filler machine has made their lives easier as it was all done manually before. But as it prevailed, there came great alternatives of Futurola knock box machines. They looked and worked the same but turned out to be much cheaper. We will tell you some great alternatives you can use in order to get your knock box machines having the same perfect quality but much cheaper. The list that we gathered is as follows:

King Kone pre-rolled cone filling machine:

King Kone pre-rolled cone filling machine is a great alternative to use against the Futurola knock box machine if you want to get one at a low price. It is very adaptable and also very cheap as compare to futurola. It is also made in the United States by giving the product the high-quality it deserves. It has a sleek and compact design. You can also attach mix trays which will lead to saving money on adding more attachments. It can pre-roll 169 cones at once within a period of 3 minutes. King Kone pre-rolled cone filling machine has proved itself to be user-friendly; you can easily remove and attach parts. Also, cleaning is quick and easy as the detachable components make an assembly. It guarantees a 1-year warranty too. So, if you want to get a knock box machine that is cheap and user-friendly, then King Kone pre-rolled cone filling machine is for you. 

Humboldt pre-rolled cone filling machine:

Humboldt pre-rolled cone filling machine is also a great alternative to use if you are looking for an affordable knock box machine. As it can fill up cones in bulk and while leading to no mess or waste. With using high-quality, durable plastic, it is a perfect choice for you. It is also manufactured in the United States. It can fill up to 121 pre-rolled cones at once. The material that is used to manufacture Humboldt pre-rolled cone filling machine is hard plastic. The other Humboldt knock box machine can fill up to 55 cones at once. If you have enough time, then it is great for you because it is more cheaper. But if you are a large industry, then you should at least have a filling machine that can pre-roll up to 121 cones at once. So it depends on your requirements, and you can choose based on your options. As this product will prove the best for a small company that is trying to increase its production from a manual setup to an industry revolutionizing filling machines. It will lead to a good growth in your independent business. 

PH 128 Pre-Roll Cone Filling Machine

One of the efficient alternative to knockbox filler machine is TPH 128 Pre-Roll Cone Filling Machine. It is a thousand-per-hour pre-roll cone filling machine with a capacity of 128 rolls per batch. It is made for users who require less than 3000 pre-rolls a week. One of the leading features is that it is composed of only four parts that make it easy to set up. It can also take up to 98 types of cones, including original cones, raw cones, and futurola cones. Without sacrificing the good quality, your batch of cones will be done in minutes. Cleaning is the easiest as you will only need to wipe down with any 200-proof ethanol-based solvent and boiling water for the cone plate. The great part is it can be cleaned in a commercial dishwasher. It guarantees a warranty of 1 year. 

Doob Cube pre-roll Machine

The Doob cube pre-roll machine is also a great alternative to use for knock box machines. It has a great quality and is also affordable and very efficient. It minimizes the cost by cutting down the waste cost as it is one of the best fewer wastage machines. You can fill up to 250 cones at once, and with the passage of time, you can increase your output. 

The great part about Doob cube is it comes with a lifetime warranty. It has proved itself to have the least technical issues. With its quality of easy setup and user-friendly machine, this machine is a great bargain for you that should not be missed.

From the above discussion, we can conclude that the Futurola Knock box filler machine is the best option if you are looking for the best filler machine. But there are some great alternatives to Futurola Knock box filler machines that you can use too if you are looking for a more affordable knock box machine. All these knock box machines are great and ideal for use, but the decision is yours which knock box machine you prefer the most. It depends on your budget, your requirements, whether you want a cheap filler machine or an efficient one. So we have provided you with the best options, now it's up to you to choose which option is the best suitable for your requirements.

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