Invertible rotating gravity bongs take over the smoking industry

You might know that weed has been legalized in many states, which means you can enjoy your height now in several ways. Smoking has a vast history and has been practised since ancient times. People have been smoking since early ages using the same ways and rituals and now want something exciting and more fun!

For this purpose, various devices have been invented to add fun and charm to your life, reducing the health risks. Today, you can enjoy your weed in the form of flavours with drinks, chocolate, fruit lumps and sweets etc. If you don't, they may have found a way to put a pot in it. But when it traditionally comes to smoking weed, finding the smoking accessories would be a task for you. These days, there is an endless number of devices you can try, depending on how you want to enjoy that good adhesive. Some gadgets are complex lines that promise to give you the purest smoke on the market. An invertible rotatory gravity bong is one of them.

Let's know what actually gravity bongs are and how they have taken over the smoking industry? 


Gravity bongs are a process of inhaling smokable substances by using water and air pressure. This pressure is used to draw smoke from a pot or tube. They are recognized from various names such as GB, Geebie, bucket bong, grav, jib, ghetto bong etc. Bongs also have a rich and legendary history. They have indeed been the basis of smoking for centuries.

They work by rotating the hollow space or tube upside down, which moves water to the lower chamber, creating a vacuum. It helps to suck smoke from the container which contains dries weed. When weed is lightened, it bursts and releases smoke, which rises above the water and moves to the chamber before getting into the mouth. To get smoke out of it, rotate the chamber again at constant pressure. It looks far more complicated than a simple tube but uses the same process. 

Gravity bongs have all nice, innovative and modern features and are more efficient. They are available in all sizes, shapes, and mouth-watering flavours with new designs, colours, and mind-blowing artwork.

There has been a significant increase in the popularity and usage of bongs in recent years because of their toxin removal techniques. It is considered the mother of all smoking devices because of its undeniable features and historical significance.

What makes bongs good as compared to smoking?

Many reasons make a bong more effective and preferable. The main reason is the water filtration technique which filters out a lot of ash and tar and makes it safe for health in a way that it traps ash and prevent it from reaching the mouth. While in the case of smoking from cigars, there is always a risk of inhaling ash, which gives an unpleasant experience and is also unsafe.

Another important reason that makes it good to use is that they trap the ash and filter the smoke and filter the carcinogens and harmful smoke borne chemicals. Moreover, it also cools the smoke before inhaling and reaching the mouth. Its advantage is that it will not directly affect the lungs and damage them.

Although smoking cigars or using glass pipes is somehow convenient when it comes to portability. But this doesn't make it better to use. Gravity bongs provide us with more fun along with different flavours. Also, if you like smoking from smaller pipes, they are available in that. 

So, gravity bongs are preferable and superior because they are convenient and beneficial for health compared to normal cigars.

Factors that will enhance your experience:

If you want more pleasure and a luxuriant experience, then you are in the right place. There are some interesting facts and innovations about gravity bongs that have made them more exciting.

  • To enhance your smoking experience and make it more pleasant, you can use glycerin coils and new percolators. These percolators will produce small bubbles with a large surface area, which results in better filtration of smoke and a more cooling effect.
  • However, for smoother and creamy hits, there is another tip. You can add an ash catcher to your rotatable gravity bong. This will produce smoother smoke and trap all the trash, providing more water filtration before getting into the bong. Eventually, it will keep your bong clean and safe from trash, enhancing its performance and making it capable of long-lasting use.

Are bongs better for your lungs?

Although smoking is bad and dangerous for health, if you want to do it sometimes just for fun, it is advised to use the best possible way that will have little effect on our health. Let's see the difference between smoking cigars directly and gravity bongs and which one is better for our lungs. 

Gravity bongs force smoke concentrated in your lungs, filling them with more energy than the normal pipeline. When you inhale the contents of a cigarette into your lungs, you are breathing in smoke from a whole can of weed simultaneously. The pressure caused by inhaling the smoke into the lungs are much lower when using a waterfall, unlike other smokers, as gravity fills the room with smoke, creating less lung function in the smoker.

Cigarettes smoke contains toxic chemicals and carcinogens that are directly inhaled when we smoke, and it also contains burnt non filtered ash. So, it will directly affect our lungs and throat and may lead to harmful diseases like cancer and hepatitis etc.

In this way, gravity bongs are far better and safer than smoking cigars or through glass pipes directly.

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From above all, we can conclude that gravity bongs are safer, effective and efficient in case of both pleasure, fun and health. That is why they are more in demand and hence are more preferred than normal smoking methods. This has created a drastic effect on the smoking industry. The smoking industry is going through a loss since the invention and popularity of gravity bongs.

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