What is and how to work an electric dab nail kit?

If you are a dabbing admirer and tired of using traditional methods and techniques and want something that is more exciting and fun? Then you are in the right place. We will tell you about several methods and devices you can use now to enjoy dabbing with smoother and exciting hits. Electronic dab nail kits are the latest invention for dabbers that will bring change to their lives.

Introduction and how Electric dab nails work?

Let's get started!

An electric dab nail is a device that is attached to your dab rig. It makes dabbing convenient and more effective. Basically, they eliminate the old methods like heating and cooling with the help of equipment like a blow torch to reach the desired temperature in order to avoid difficulty and make the process rapid. It is different and instant than simple dabbing It involves direct usage of nail kits by only using the suitable dab rigs and then setting the temperature accordingly. Now you can enjoy incredible hits easily.

 E-nails can also come in a variety of homeless and hand-set at your best through the heat of the break, making sure each stroke is right. If you are new to using e-nail, just set it to a good temperature and dab when the nail reads at your favourite temperature. In either case, it is best to keep the temperature low in your throat.

Why use Electronic dab nail kits?

Many people who are fond of dabbing are enjoying it in the traditional ways. However, traditional methods make it happen and also gives you the pleasure you want. But nowadays, due to modern technology, everything is being converted into electronic devices with the most convenient methods. So, let's switch to E- nail dabbing, which is the most advanced type of dabbing. It will give you an incredible experience with more ease.

Let's get into the fact of why we should choose E-nail rather than traditional dabbing methods. So here you go! 

There are several advantages that make it more preferable to use.

It is a simple and easy process where you just have to attach your dab rig and set the temperature according to your choice without any difficulty, which means that it is easy to use and is more effective.

Another advantage is that as we don't have to heat up the concentrate and then wait for it to cool. This all happened with the help of a blow torch. So, the thing that makes it good to go is that you don't have to go through harmful effects of blow torch that harm our body directly and increases the production of butane. This also reduces the quality of your dabs.

So they are reliable and more consistent with good health benefits.

Moreover some of the other benefits of using E- nail includes:

  • Perfect dab rigs every time
  • No need for any blow torch which will increase the quality of the dab 
  • They are portable and available in several price options, which means that they can be expensive and available in the affordable price range.
  • They are found compatible with almost any kind of rig.

How to use an E- nail?

Have you switched to electronic dab nail kits, leaving the traditional methods and now don't know how to use them?

Here we are to help you out. 

 It is not as difficult as you are thinking. This is far easier than the traditional ones. Let's know-how!

In this, you don't have to use a blow torch to first heat and then wait for the concentrate to cool down. It is very simple and easy to use. All you have to follow certain steps and rules to enjoy a good dabbing experience. Once you use it, you will never get back to traditional methods. First of all, the most important thing you have to do is to find a dab rig compatible with your E- nail to make sure that the size is correct. Most of the electronic nails use an extensive range of rigs.  

So let's start the process. Before attaching E- nail, make sure to attach the base of the rig by using water. This will help to avoid water contact with it. Then attach the E-nail with the correct sized dab rigs that you already have chosen. Connect it with some power source. You are a single step away from the enjoyment. Check the screen to change settings accordingly.

You can change temperature depending upon what you want but make sure to have precise temperature control. Whether you want a high temperature or low, you can easily change the settings and add a timer for your convenience. If you are using the first time, then the ideal temperature preferred is about 545-567 ° F. Now, you are ready to dig in after all this set up. Let it first reach the optimum temperature, and then apply a dab. It will vaporize rapidly, and you are ready to go. Take a long hit from the mouthpiece and have fun!

You can turn it off when you have finished dabbing. So you see they are easy peasy to use!

How to Clean It?

The maintenance involved in having a nail e is very small. Since they burn automatically at such high temperatures, most wax and resin should burn on their own. If there is anything left behind after your session and after heating it to extreme heat, all debris can be easily removed by carefully removing it with a tool. The electronic part of the e-nail can be polished and cleaned but never wet or soak it when cleaning it.

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Electronic Nail kits are the best possible way to do it if you want to remove the blowtorch and speculation involved in hand-burning all your dabs. If you want a great hosting experience, then make sure you buy Electric nails. Not only does it make the whole drawing process much easier and more efficient, but it is safe, reliable, and will give you a high-quality stroke every time you use it. It is portable and available with excellent working performance. So enjoy and make your dabbing experience unforgettable by using E-nails.

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