What Are The Sizes Of RAW Cones? | RAW Cone Size Comparison

Perfect raw cones can fulfil one’s needs according to their desires. Whenever we talk about RAW pre-rolled cones, finding a perfect size is more significant and overwhelming for one’s needs.

Happily, some RAW cones are featured in common sizes such as one ¼ (aka 1.25) and king-size. There is also not so well famous sizes are available, including Peacemaker, Emperador and Supernatural. We are pleased that we are providing this eye-catching, handy guide so that you can find a perfect size of RAW Cone. 

Before focusing on specifically sized cones, it is important to note that both Classic and Organic RAW cones are available.  In comparison to them, both are natural choices for pre-rolled cones, but RAW organic is made of hemp while the classic one is provided with unbleached fibres. So by the provided facts, RAW Classics are available in unrefined condition, while RAW Organic are available in environmentally suited conditions.

Without any further delay, moving on, let’s have a look at the different sizes of RAW cones that are available in the market. So, one can enjoy life by using these listed cones.

RAW 1 ¼ Cones

The industry has been revolutionized by the fair existence of RAW 1 ¼ cones. This is as much popular as it has been used commonly. Any product can be famous among you as its availability, low cost and ease to use suites you.  For RAW 1 ¼ Cones, measurements are listed below:

  • Length: 83mm long
  • Tip: 26mm
  • Capacity: .75g of herb

 This designed size can be availed individually in 6-packs, 32-packs or can be availed in combined packs such as the RAWket.

RAW 98 Special Cones

An all-time favourite and rarer sized special pre-rolled cones are easily available. These are the good in-between size of 1 ¼ and King Size cones.

  • Length: 98mm long
  • Tip: 21mm
  • Capacity: .95g of herb

The special cones are quite longer than the RAW 1 ¼ cones but less than King Size. This RAW 98 Special cone are quite thinner than both 1 ¼ and King Size cones and carry around about 95g of herbs. These specially sized cones are customarily purchased and sold in bulk. Smokers can enjoy or love to have this size of cones. 

RAW Lean Cones

A very special size that many other manufacturers do not offer is named RAW Lean Cones. These cones are distinguished by their length i-e, 110mm, similar to RAW King-size cone while having a pinched body and extended tip measured as 40mm. These cones are so skinnier that they are carried with particular rolled tips made just for them. The best advantage to have leaned shape cones is that at the top, then the herb is burned in small quantities. Lean cones are more flavoured than traditional ones.

Length: 110mm

Tip: 40mm

Capacity: 75g of herb

Many smokers enjoy RAW Lean Cones as their ultimate desires are accomplished. These cones are available in 20-packs and bulk packs and also their combinations are available too.

RAW King Size Cones

The Second most famous and all-time favourite cone of smokers is RAW King Size Cone. Their ease to use and excellent smoking experience has revolutionized the industry. Most of the herb can be use in this cone. Approximately 1.15g of herb can be used in this King Size cone. Similar to RAW Lean Cones these cones also ha 110mm length. 3-packs, 32-packs, and bulk packs of King Size cones are available.

Length: 110mm

Tip: 26mm

Capacity: 1.15g of herb

RAW Peacemaker Cones

We've moved on from standard sizes and into the wild. When the King Size, the largest of the conventional sizes, isn't enough, the Peacemaker comes into play. The RAW Peacemaker is 30% bigger than the King Size cone, measuring 140mm long and storing up to 1.5g of your favourite herb. Only combo packs, such as the RAWket, are available with Peacemaker cones.

Length: 140mm

Tip: 35mm

Capacity: 1.5g of herb

RAW Emperador Cones

Let us offer the RAW Emperador pre-rolled cone for those occasions when you say to yourself, "I wish this King Size Cone was twice as huge." The Emperador size cone is almost double the size of a King Size cone. It's over eight inches long! The ideal size for sharing some of your favourite buds with a small party. Individual Emperador cones and combo packs, such as the RAWket, are available.

Length: 180mm

Tip: 45mm

Capacity: 3g of herb

RAW Supernatural Cones

Sure, the Emperador is adorable, but it's twice as big as a King Size cone. But that's nothing compared to the Supernatural cone, which is almost a foot long. It can hold up to 10 grammes of your preferred herb. It's a foot long, so it's a bit tough to smoke! That, however, is not the point. Load it gently and tilt it up as you smoke to keep the party going with some buddies all night. Only combo packs, such as the RAWket, are available for the Supernatural cones.

Length: 280mm

Tip: 88mm

Capacity: 10g of herb

RAW Challenge Cone

This cone is INSANE! Just when you thought it couldn't be much worse. While it isn't particularly practical, the purpose of this 2-foot cone is to create a lasting memory. You and your pals will have to be up for the Challenge since it can hold up to 2.5 ounces. Only one RAW Challenge Cone is available for purchase. You're going to need it, so good luck.

Length: 600mm

Tip: 150mm

Capacity: 71g (2.5 ounces) of herb

However, it all depends on your particular tastes and inclinations, so enjoy the smoke while it lasts.

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