How To Fix A Vape Pen Battery That Won’t Draw Or Charge

Vaping is a cost-saving alternative to smoking, and it offers a myriad of benefits that has helped many people quit smoking. However, your vape pen or vaporizer can sometimes break down or stop drawing or charging. This can be disturbing, but you don’t have to worry; this article will show you a few steps to fix vape pen batteries that won’t draw or charge.

But before we delve into that, you need to note that there are different types of ultra-portable vape available on the market. Some people opt for the vape pens with 510 thread batteries to fit standard oil cartridges. Others prefer the wax atomizers for dabbling solid concentrates while going about the day.

More so, there are disposable vape pens and pre-filled oil cartridges that come without any custom built-in batteries.

However, in all types, problems can sometimes arise and your vape pen batteries may not work well.

Without much ado, we bring to you some expert advice on how to fix a vape pen battery that won’t charge:


Ensure it is switched on

A lot of people panic about their vape pen battery, complaining that it won’t draw or charge, but they haven’t switched it on. So before deliberating whether you need a new device, make sure you first check to confirm if your vape pen is on by pressing the main button five times consecutively. Besides, ensure the battery has been fully charged.


Adjust the connection plate

The connection plate inside the 510 thread is what activates your vape cartridge. It also allows the transfer of power to your battery while charging.

If your 510 thread battery is not charging or drawing, you may need to adjust the connection plate. You can simply pry up the plate inside the thread using a paperclip and then screw on your cartridge or charger.


Change the cartridge or the coils

You need to change the coils inside your vape pen battery from time to time. They are not designed to last forever. So if you vape regularly, you’ll need to replace your coils or cartridges regularly.

You can clean the battery top using a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol just to clear gunky wax or oil deposited over time. This helps to keep your connection strong always.


Clear the Airflow

Sometimes, a blocked airflow can stop vape pen batteries from hitting well. This can happen if you use your wax atomizers and disposable oil cartridges repeatedly without cleaning it.

The by-product residues build up in the mouthpiece with time, and this prevents your vaporizer pen from hitting well.

So here’s what to do- Take a close look inside your mouthpiece. Do you see sticky extracts? If yes, take off the mouthpiece, use a needle to try to poke out any material blocking the airflow. After that, replace the mouthpiece and try another hit. If the problem persists, you can try another solution.


A broken battery

If your battery is broken, your vape pen might stop working fine. Many batteries in the market are not backed by a manufacturer’s warranty, and they tend to die after a couple of months. That’s more reason it is recommended to opt for quality 510 thread batteries that comes with a warranty (lasting for at least two years).

However, as a connoisseur who vapes daily, you need to replace your battery more quickly. Besides, it is important to avoid dropping you vape ben battery or getting it wet if you want to preserve its lifespan.


Store properly

Always store your vape pen batteries at even room temperature to prolong the battery life. Storing it in a too hot or too cold environment will reduce its lifespan.

Also, to prolong your battery’s lifespan, ensure you deplete it fully right out of the box and charge it to the max from time to time.

However, if your vape pen is still not drawing or charging, you may need to change the battery completely.


Final Remark 

Your vape pen batteries should last for more than a year if you stick to the measures above. Always remember to take care of the coil because it is sensitive and too much pressure may damage it completely. Clear up the airflow from time to time to keep your vape pen working properly. With these tips, you can prolong the life of your 510 thread batteries. You can visit to get the best products of the 501 thread batteries.

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