Factors To Consider When Buying 510 Thread Batteries

The 510 thread batteries have gained wide acceptance in the vaping community. They became popular with the wide use of e-cigarettes and the 510 thread is now a common male-female thread system.

Generally, the 510 thread batteries connect to most cannabis oil cartridges, but not all of their functions are built the same. That’s more reason you need to be careful when purchasing the 510 thread batteries.

Below are some factors to consider when buying the 510 thread batteries:


Battery Capacity

You need to look into the battery capacity when considering different types of the 510 thread. Check out the battery capacity listed in milliamp Hours (mAh). Generally, the higher the milliamp Hours, the longer your vape pen will last without charging. You can get vape pen batteries within the range of 280-900mAh. But note that if you’re going for higher mAh, it comes on a larger size and you may have to sacrifice portability.



Basic vape batteries top out at 3.3v, and that is lower than that of the 510 thread pens, which have a voltage range between 3.3 – 4.8v. These thread batteries usually take a draw from the pen, but certain pens come with variable voltage, giving you the chance to select the voltage and temperature to get bigger plumes of vapor and more flavorful hits. The fixed-voltage batteries deliver bigger draws and vape clouds.

However, common types of the thread batteries vape pens lack the temperature control options.



The amount of voltage used on cartridges can affect how much draws you get. That’s why many cartridge brands using cannabis oil recommend the use of proprietary batteries to make sure the appropriate voltage is used.

If the battery produces too little voltage, you won’t get as big of a draw as a higher voltage battery. And if a battery produces too much voltage, it can cause the oil to burn, giving you a harsh hit.

Some brands of cartridges make use of the pod system, and may not work with the traditional 510 thread batteries.



Manufacturers usually sell the 510 thread batteries with a USB charger that you can easily plug into an electrical outlet or a computer’s USB port. So to get the best out of your battery, you need to avoid tablet chargers or other rapid chargers. These chargers put out too much power, and the extra voltage emitted can ruin a battery.

So ensure you use only the USB charger that comes with the 510 thread battery. Insert it into a wall outlet with a standard charger, and lightly screw in the charger until you see the green light turn red. This indicates that the battery is charging.



Some 510 thread batteries come with chargers attached, helping you get access to it constantly. And if you don’t like the traditional chargers that come with the batteries, you can opt for batteries that are built with a USB connection that is compatible with any USB cable.

Some 510 thread batteries look like a key fob. With just a click of a button, a connection is established, allowing you to partake in cannabis oil consumption.


Final Remark 

Different types of 510 batteries come with unique functionalities and characteristics. And the choice you make can either make your vaping experience much better or worse. So you need to do a little bit of research and consider the factors listed above before making your purchase. You can check out https://v-stationstore.com/ to see the best options of 510 thread batteries.

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