Reasons Why Your 510 Thread Battery Is Not Firing

You might have difficulty getting your 510 vape pen battery to work fine. Maybe it is giving weak hits or it is not firing consistently. Well, there are a plethora of reasons why your 510 thread battery may not be firing. Check them out below:


1. Dirty connection between the cartridge and your battery

Oil can leak into the thread area if its thickness and the cartridges internal hole doesn’t pair correctly. This can stop your battery from firing when this oil gets in between the connection plates.

So one thing you can do is to unscrew the cartridge and click on the button five times to turn it off. Clean the connection points using a cotton swab and rubbing 91% isopropyl alcohol (the same stuff for cleaning your bong). Ensure you scrub both the cartridge coil and the battery connection with the swab, and allow it dry before reconnecting the two pieces.

This helps to get your vape pen working perfectly again.


2. Poor connection

The connection plate inside the threading of your vape pen batteries is supposed to move up and down to allow different cartridges to screw properly at different depths.

But when the battery is over-tightened when screwing or charging, it pushes the connection plate down, causing a poor or no contact. This means power won’t be transferred efficiently to the cart, and this renders it ineffective.

What you need to do is to grab a paper clip and pry the connection plate back up. This way, your battery will make better contact and it will fire efficiently. If this doesn’t work, check the connection plate on the cartridge; you may need to adjust it too.

Sometimes, you may get a defective cartridge from the dispensary and it won’t work with the heating element of the battery.

 So what you need to do is to check to see if the round centerpiece is aligned properly with the battery connection. If not, you can use a toothpick or bobby pin to push the coil back into the correct position.


3. Using a rapid charger

Some rapid chargers like android cell phone chargers will damage your battery, and this will affect its firing. You need to use only the provided charger for your battery to enjoy a longer lifespan.

We always make this information available to our customers since it could impact your warranty.


4. Wrong charger connection

Sometimes, the connection to the charger can be an issue, and the battery may not fire at all. That’s why you need to check the connection plates of your 510 thread batteries to ensure that it is charging when your battery is plugged in.

Most times, you won’t see the lights turn on if the battery is without a charge. This means it is not firing at all.

Final Remark Your 510 thread batteries may not fire properly if you make some wrong connections, allow a dirty connection between your cartridge and your battery, or use a bad or rapid charger. But with the solutions provided above, you can get your vape pen batteries to start firing properly again. You can visit to get the best products of the 501 thread batteries.

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