How To Keep Vape Pen Batteries Safe

The battery is the main component of a vaporizer, and using an unsafe battery can cause a lot of damage to your device. That’s why apart from the model and make of your vape, you need to consider some factors when purchasing your vape pen batteries, including:

  • High current rating
  • High capacity
  • Low operating temperature
  • High voltage when vaping

That said, here are some tips to keep your 510 thread batteries safe to reduce the potential to become explosive at any point.


Disposable Vape Pen Batteries

These batteries are sealed into most regulated mods. They come with the device, and you can’t easily replace them once they reach their lifespan of between 2 and 3 years. Here are some tips to keep these vape pen batteries safe:

Safe storing: You need to always keep your vape pen battery away from flammable materials and out of direct sunlight.

Protection: These batteries are wrapped in aluminum foil, and a small drop or knock can cause serious damage or dent to the battery. So if you mistakenly knock or drop your battery, ensure you quickly place it in a sealed aluminum container.

Purchase quality products: Don’t go for cheaper unauthentic products. Ensure your purchase from an authorized dealer, and check to be sure that you choose the correct battery for your vape. Picking quality stuff is important in keeping your vape battery safe.

Overcharging: Avoid leaving your battery to charge overnight, as this can damage your battery. Try to keep it somewhere in your reach and remove it once it’s fully charged. Although most devices will stop charging automatically when the battery is full, in some instances, this has failed, hence, be cautious.

Using the correct coils: Most mods are specific in the types of ohms coil they can use. So ensure you find out the range on your mod and stick to it. This is important in sub-ohm vaping.

Changing your battery: Always use the recommended charging device, and make sure that your power output matches your mods. Using a charger with a higher voltage than your battery could cause overheating and damage to your battery.


Removable Vape Pen Batteries

The removable vape pen batteries are options that can be easily replaced once they are bad or worn out. The tips above also relate to these batteries, but some tips relate to the removable batteries alone, including:

Battery holder: Avoid carrying the removable vape pen batteries loosely. They may rub against keys or metal coins and fail, and they may explode or leak.

Stay within the amps of your battery: You need to keep to this fundamental rule of battery safety. It is important for you to stay within your battery’s amp rating. You can take the discharge rate and divide your voltage level by coil resistance. This helps you stay within the amp rating.

Final Remark You can keep your 510 thread batteries safe by following the tips above. If you disregard any, you stand the risk of getting seriously injured because of an unsafe battery. Patronize only authorized stockists and put quality over quantity. You can visit to get the best products of the 510 thread batteries.

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