How to Use Gravity Bong or Infuser for Smoked Cocktails

You may think that gravity bongs or infusers are used for smoking only. However, sometimes, a gravity bong or infuser allows you to employ smoking for cocktails. It can be a great combination for you who want a new experience in getting high by drinking cocktails and getting the smoke at the same time.

Nowadays, you can easily find a gravity bong for cocktails on the online or offline store. That is why you can enjoy smoked cocktails at home. Then, how to use gravity bongs or infusers for cocktails? Find out some information about it in the following explanation.

Gravity Bong or Infuser for Cocktails

Talking about gravity infusers for cocktails, you will find that the tools are almost the same as ordinary gravity bongs or gravity infusers. One part that makes it different is there is a part that is used to put the cocktails. With advanced technology, gravity bongs used for cocktails can give you great smoke for the cocktails.

One of the gravity infuser types sold in the market has 360-degree rotating glass which will generate kinetic motion from water displacement. There are two glass globes and a mouthpiece with which you can control how many hits you want for the cocktails. Besides, this infuser is connected to a glass cloche using a hose that covers the cocktail and infuses it with the smoke flavor.

The smoke itself can vary depending on the ingredients you use. Besides, you also can adjust the level of the smoke you want to add to the cocktails. Indeed, the longer time you smoke the cocktails, you will get the higher hits from the smoke.

Moreover, there are some general details in a gravity bong or infusers for cocktails.

  • Made of industrial-grade and food-safe material. It is important because you can use the gravity bong of the infuser without any worry that there is a dangerous chemical from the gravity bong of the infuser’s material.
  • The gravity infuser will produce cooled smoke from the built-in percolation system. The system delivers the water-filtered which can produce the cooled smoke.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain. If you decide to buy the gravity infusers for personal use, you will not worry because the tool is easy to clean. Besides, you don’t need to spend too much time and money on maintenance.
  • The glass globes on the gravity infusers commonly can be removed. It makes you can clean the glass globe easier after use.

How to Use Gravity Bong or Infuser for Smoked Cocktails

After you know about gravity bong and gravity infuser, now you should understand how to use gravity bong for cocktails. You may want to create your smoked cocktails, right? To get the best-smoked cocktails, let’s check some steps to use the gravity bong below. 

  1. Prepare the gravity bong or gravity infusers for cocktails

You should prepare the gravity bong or infuser for cocktails first. Ensure that you have assembled the device and also clean it. Checking the device before you use it is important whether it can be used well. 

  1. Pour water into the glass globe

After that, you pour the water into one of the glass globes. Don’t pour the water too much to avoid any water spilling from the glass globes.

  1. Put the herbs you want and light it

In the third step, you need to put the herbs. You only need to put a small amount of the herbs and light it. In this case, you can use any kind of herb depending on your preferences.

  1. Flip the glass globes several times

While the herbs burned, you flip the glass globes until the smoke is created. It doesn’t need a long time to wait for the smoke. However, you should wait several minutes to make sure that the herbs burned well.

  1. Prepare the cloche for the cocktails

While you are waiting for the smoke from herbs, you must prepare the cloche for cocktails. This cloche consists of a round plate made of wood with glass to trap the smoke.

  1. Prepare the cocktails

It is time for you to prepare your favorite cocktails. You can prepare a Moscow mule, negroni, mojito, whiskey sour, and other cocktails. You can find out more cocktails recipes on the internet if you want to try a new cocktail.

  1. Connect the gravity bong to the cloche

Don’t forget to connect the gravity bong or infuser to the cloche. Ensure that there is no problem in the connection, so the smoke created from the gravity infuser can be streamed to the cloche well.

  1. Put the cocktails in the cloche and wait for the smoke to cover the cocktails

After that, you can put your cocktail on the cloche and close the cloche with the glass to trap the smoke. You should wait several times until the smoke covered the cocktails inside the cloche. In this step, you can cover your cocktails with smoke for a short or long time depending on what you want.

  1. Open the glass of the cloche

When you think that the cocktails have got smoked from the gravity bong or gravity infuser, it is time to open the glass of the cloche. You will see your cocktails get the smoke on the top of the cocktail glass.

  1. Smoked cocktail is ready

Yes, your smoked cocktails are ready to drink. The flavor and aroma of the herbs will cover your cocktails and add richness to the taste. You can enjoy the cocktails and get high with the smoke herbs inside.

The steps on how to make smoked cocktails above are similar to what you probably see at the bar. You can directly learn how to make the best-smoked cocktails from the professional in the bar or maybe on the internet. Besides learning how to make smoked cocktails, you can find out the best device of gravity infuser for cocktails too. Thus, have you ready to make your smoked cocktails at home?

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