The Differences Between Standard Pre-Rolled Cones And Hemp Wraps That You Should Know

When we see standard pre-rolled cones and hemp wraps, we will immediately see that those two smoking accessories have cones as their base forms. Many of these cone-form accessories are available in affordable price ranges.

Standard pre-rolled cones and hemp wraps are both flexible smoking accessories that we can bring everywhere. They are also practical in ways that we can easily dispose of after we use them.

However, we may wonder, what are the differences between the two smoking cones? So, here are they:

The burn strengths

The usual pre-rolled cones burn more easily than hemp wraps because of the papers that the companies use. It is because the usual cones are from recyclable papers, which tend to be more straightforward in creating a smoking experience than their hemp counterparts. 

Some standard cones have no chalks, dyes, or other additives that can affect the smoke’s taste and smell. Still, these cones burn faster than their hemp-based counterparts because of their dimensional characteristics. 

We’re talking about the smoking cones’ thickness when we talk about their dimensional characteristics. Anyway, let’s continue reading to know more about how the dimensional characteristics are different for both accessories. 

The dimensions (and packaging) characteristics

Papers are always thinner than hemp. As a result, a pack of standard pre-rolled cones can contain more smoking paper cones than a pack of hemp wraps. The former can contain up to 36 cones, while the latter usually consists of 8-10 cones in one small-sized package. 

Most standard pre-rolled cones are around 1 ¼ to 1 ½ inch in terms of their ring gauge sizes. The ring gauges or sizes of the hemp wraps are around 1.5-2 times more than the usual rolling paper sizes. As a result, hemp wraps feel thicker when we grab them individually. 

Furthermore, as a result of their thin dimensions, an individual can smoke with one or two packs of standard pre-rolled cones for a couple of days, and still feel the same thing as he/she finishes smoking. 

The feel that the cones create

The standard or the usual pre-rolled cones are as straightforward as their default name. So, the taste and smell profiles are no-nonsense for these types of cones. In other words, we know what smoke tastes and profiles can we expect when we smoke with pre-rolled papers. 

There will be no fruity notes or any similar “catchy” flavor notes. The sensation inside the mouth will be different when we smoke with standard pre-rolled papers versus with wraps from hemp. 

On the other hand, hemp wraps always have a taste profile. So, you know you’re about to purchase hemp wraps whenever you’re about to buy smoking accessories and you see things like, “Sticky Gelato”, “Blue Banana Flavor”, “Tropical Breeze”, and so on, in the product specifications. 

While it’s true that there are pre-rolled papers with certain themes (such as colorful party themes), the taste profiles are not as versatile as hemp-based wraps. 

The materials for each cone

This differentiating point is one of the most crucial things to think about when we look at different standard pre-rolled papers versus any type of wrap, including hemp-based wraps. Any type of paper usually becomes the material for standard pre-rolled cones, including brown-colored papers like Kashmir papers. 

On the other hand, wrap-based cones’ bases are like their name, which are either from hemp or tobacco. In this article’s case, hemp wraps are from hemp, the ingredient that tastes milder and more environmentally friendly than tobacco. 

Bits of hemp is also more environmentally-friendly when we compare them with papers that the manufacturers use to manufacture pre-rolled smoking cone products. As a result, smoking with hemp-based wraps can be the solution to smoking healthily. 

The health values

Since the materials for hemp wraps don’t get burnt easily, smoking with these types of accessories is healthier than when we do with pre-rolled paper cones. After all, hemp, like tobacco, tends to have more organic ingredients than Kashmir papers or any type of paper. 

More specifically, hemp is not the only ingredient for hemp-based wraps. These plants are also the primary ingredients for lots of vitamins and supplements to improve productivity levels. Many of these smoking products also don’t contain additives, preservatives, or harmful chemicals. 

Smoking with hemp wraps instead of the standard pre-rolled cones also means that you won’t get high. After all, these smoking accessories don’t contain cannabinoids. Plus, many of them have reasonable THC amounts, which makes the smoking accessories safe to use. 


Hemp-based wrap products are not only healthier, more organic, and safer to use than pre-rolled cones. They are also more practical in creating flavorful smoking experiences. 

The advantages of standard pre-rolled paper cones only lie in their convenience to bring everywhere, and in that, they’re more readily available than hemp wraps. However, some pre-rolled paper cones are so long (consider the king-sized cones). Not only do these super-long cones leave traces of burns, but they’re also becoming impractical for most smokers. 

The same thing won’t happen for hemp wraps. We can enjoy the variety of flavors and the fragrant smoke smells, even though we only purchase the shortest-length wraps. Another perk: These wraps don’t leave out as many smoking residues as pre-rolled cones

Some final words

In general, hemp wraps are better than pre-rolled cones, because they promote healthy ways of smoking. In other words, hemp-based smoking accessories like these wraps contain organic ingredients that permit no traces or residues after smoking. 

Even though pre-rolled cones are more readily available and have a more straightforward nature, the flavor and smell varieties that we find in hemp-based wraps are the two things that create one-of-a-kind smoking experiences. This part is why many people enjoy smoking hemp wraps in party settings, especially in closed places. 

On the other hand, pre-rolled cones are only great choices if a smoker smokes regularly in open spaces. They also come in more economical price ranges and no-nonsense packaging, which makes them suitable for smokers who seek those two characteristics in their smoking accessories.

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