What Are The Parts And Components Of A Bong?

New users might want to know bong components as they have to know each part for the sake of good maintenance for the long term. Regular smokers have to pay attention seriously to the bong's maintenance. Without regular maintenance, a bong will lose its function like cooling and filtering. 

New users should know bong parts so that they know how to clean each part in the right way. Besides, by knowing the anatomy of a bong, users can understand how to maintain their bongs perfectly for a long time. 

Find Out Details about Bong Components 

Components of the bong include: 


This is one of the most important bong parts. It is an attachment where users place dried herbs for the combusting process. Some bongs have a removable bowl so the bowl can become a carburetor, whether it is a pull-carburetor or side carburetor. Sizes of bowl range from 9 millimeters to 19 millimeters. When users are about to clear the smoke bong, then users can remove the bowl. There are also slider bowls that function as a bowl and down stem. They are mostly available on any glass bong.


It is a petite hole that lets users clear any smoke from the whole bong chamber. The most popular carburetor kind that is available on glass bongs is commonly a pull or slide carburetor that is shown clearly when users remove the bowl. 

When users light their preferred product, then the smoke fills the chamber of the bong. Then, the carb lets the air abound before clearing it in the chamber. The process enables users to get all the smoke from the pipe.  

The use of a carburetor depends on the users. Some of the want to clear it many times during the hit. Meanwhile, others may want to wait before using it only after the hit’s end. 

Here is how to use a pipe: a thumb is placed on the carb for blocking the tube so that the smoke will go into the pipe. As the smoke is filling the pipe, users should remove the thumb so that air rush in as it can make the smoke goes directly to the lungs. When a bong has no carburetor, then it is impossible to clear it completely because there will be wasted smoke. 


This part is also one of the most important bong components that are available in various forms. Some of them are attached to the bong main chamber, while others are separated. Percolators function as diffusers in which they help to ventilate the smoking process further.  

Ventilating the smoke will break it into tinier bubbles. This process allows the bigger surface smoke area so the water can make it cool. Among several kinds of percolators include turbine, honeycomb, inline, fritted, and tree arm. The percolator is used to filter the smoke additional times after it passes the water at the end of your stem.

There are lots of various percolators kinds in which users might use the one that suits their needs. All in all, users need to avoid lots of small holes for users who are not using bong regularly. This is because all holes will be clogged up and deliver a negative impact on the bong’s performance.

Down stem

This part is a tube with small size. It lets the smoke move from the bowl downward to the base area. Then, the smoke cools down and percolates through the water. 

There is also a diffused down stem as the form of an innovation from the conventional down stem. Diffused down stem can compromise several small holes. It boosts the ventilator so users can smoke further with thicker smoke.

Down stem is held by a joint in which some kinds of bongs own a permanent stem that cannot be removed. In such cases, the bowl is attached directly to the joint. There are various sizes of joints, from 10 millimeters, 14 millimeters, and 18 millimeters. Female joints are required to smoke weed.

Ash catcher

It is also a part of the anatomy of a bong. It is an additional attachment that any bong has. It functions as an additional chamber in between the bowl and the bong for catching the ash result. The main function of the ash catcher is keeping the bong clean. Most bongs have ash catchers with percolators that contribute to smoother smoke. But, users still have to clean the ash catcher so they don’t have to clean the whole part of a bong. By doing so, the flavor will remain the same.


Besides those five important bong parts, the base is also one of the crucial bong parts. They include a base that is placed in the bong’s bottom part. It has several shapes that depend on the bong’s style. The base is mostly utilized for creating the water chamber where the smoke cooling as it is passing through the water.


This part ends in the part of the mouthpiece. It is a space that is filled with smoke that is already filtered through the water. Many bongs include a tube design with an ice pinch. 

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Different Shapes of Bong Components

Keep in mind that those bong components vary, based on the main function of the bong. There are various colors and shapes of bong parts. Some users replace the down stem with a percolator that may provide a higher level of diffusion. It can bring impact to the smoke separation as the smoke is passing through the water chamber.

However, novice users should remember that they should use bongs with other people who have lots of experience. Most of them think that their smoking product is effective at the first time they use it with their bongs. For most cases, the product will deliver some impact after it is used several times. 

Regardless of the understanding of the anatomy of a bong, new users still have to learn details about the use of this device. While they can ask experienced users, they can also read lots of reviews about bongs in the internet. They may want to start simple with the simplest bong with the simple bong components.

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