How to Spot Counterfeit RAW Classic Pre-rolled Cones

If you’re an experienced smoker, you must have heard or come across “RAW Cones”. This smoking accessories brand is one of the earliest makers of pre-rolled cones and they have created a high customer base due to the quality of their products.

RAW pre-rolled cones are great for smoking on-the-go, and it is an effortless way to fill your joint.

Unfortunately, there are now many counterfeit RAW cones in the market. That’s more reason why you need to be careful when trying to make a purchase.

Good news! We are concerned about the satisfaction of every smoker and we want you to get the original quality of RAW classic cones. That’s why we put together this guide to help you get the genuine and authentic RAW pre-rolled cones.

Here are a few differences to spot to differentiate between the real RAW products and the counterfeits:

  • The original RAW cones are held together using folds, whereas the cardboard used for packaging the counterfeits are of inferior quality and they are sealed using low-quality tapes.
  • The packaging of the counterfeit RAW pre-rolled cones are 2-3 times shades darker in color than the real one.
  • The fake RAW cones have a small letter “O” in “only” while the original product reads as as “Only” with the letter “0” in large caps.
  • The original RAW pre-rolled cones have the following details on its packet:
    • Made in Indonesia with genuine RAW® paper from Alcoy, Spain.
    • "*UNREFINED is a U.S registered trademark of BBK Tobacco & Foods, LLP, Reg. No. 4,078,899

The counterfeit RAW cones, however, has the following details:

  • Coned, tipped, and packaged in Indonesia."
  • "RAW® paper made in Alcoy Spain

Apart from the information on the packet, there is also a clear different in the style and font-size.

  • The original RAW classic cones uses a stick made with cardboard, whereas the counterfeit products use a plastic push-stick.
  • The original RAW pre-rolled cones have a spiral or “W” shaped filter tip, while the counterfeits have a straight line filter tip.
  • Talking about the weave pattern, the original RAW pre-rolled cones have a clear RAW® watermark. This patented weave supports a consistent burn, but it is absent in the counterfeit product.
  • Most counterfeited RAW pre-rolled cones always contain spelling or grammar errors. So if you notice any odd spelling or spacing issue, it is clear indication that you purchased a fake RAW cone.

Why you need to verify your RAW Cones?

You need to check for the information or details highlighted above to avoid purchasing counterfeits or fake RAW pre-rolled cones. Moss of these resellers or fake producers are only trying to shave a couple of bucks off their cost.

However, using counterfeits or fake products is dangerous as these materials would be burned for smoke and as you inhale, it can be deadly to your health. You won’t know the ingredients or materials used in the production of these cones.

So you need to be vigilant and ensure you’re buying a genuine product. This goes a long way to protect your body from any potential harm.

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Final Remark

RAW pre-rolled cones are one of the best smoking accessories you can find in the market. The brand has earned so much trust as they produce only quality products that protects the health of stoners worldwide.

However, you need to be at alert as there are lots of counterfeit products out there in the market that were produced illegally and smuggled across borders just to get a share of the market output.

We’ve shown you how to spot the counterfeits RAW classic pre-rolled cones. If you spot any, you can contact the manufacturer HBI as they offer juicy rewards for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of fake producers and counterfeiters.

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